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  1. Little piece of rubber band works pretty well and is cheap and easy to make. Everyone has rubber bands just laying around collecting dust and a pair of scissors. 1/4 inch or so has worked for me anyways. And thank Cannonball for the tip.
  2. Just curious if there are any planned fish-ins for this part of Tn this spring. Would like to attend one to see what it is like and gleen the much needed knowledge for these new found fish, for me anyways.
  3. Went back out to Kefauver Park again yesterday morning around 9 and finally got my illusive double digit carp. Two in fact , the best was 16 pounds and the other was 10 pounds. Caught another 6 commons in the 2-4 pound range and a catfish ,small one of 14 inches. Beautiful day but the breeze was chilly. Spent 6 hours there and I was the only one fishing. I am growing quit found of that little pond seeing as I was alone except for a small handful of old folks, like me, walking around the trail. Nice place. And what seems to be an under utilized population of carp. I do get some strange looks wh
  4. So I decided to take up carp fishing and seeing as Madisonville lake is only 14 miles from my home in Tellico Plains I thought it might be a good place to start. Did a little "research" on carp tactics and bait and went out for a week and tried it. So far the lake has produced for me. Nothing very big, all being in the 2-6 pound range using boilies for bait on a hair rig. Have learned how to feed fish pretty well anyways. But the fish so far have been commons with one mirror. Friday being my best day so far with 13 fish in 2 hours fishing before I had to leave. Seems to be a lot of carp in the
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