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  1. Pretty new to carp fish. I have been using Shimano Stradic 4000 reels that I also use for stripers to start out. I recently almost got spooled by a good fish so I thought it may be time to upgrade. Do most folks use a bait runner for the dual drags or a larger spinning reel. I am mostly a Shimano guy so I would appreciate and advice on which type of reel and which model. I don't think I need a gigantic reel for fishing huge waters as most of the waters here are medium sized. Thanks!
  2. Looking to get started carping and was wondering if there was anyone else in Morris County NJ who would welcome a beginner. I am pretty close to a large part of the Passaic River and live in Denville, NJ. I have other information to share on Muskie, Walleye, Steelhead, Shad, etc. Steve
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