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  1. Thanks again all, maize appears to be much stronger and secure on the hair, and the boilie I tested as well was especially secure. Still got skunked, but I can at least feel like I have a fighting chance now!
  2. Thank you for all the replies. Based on the body of water I'm fishing and the general dead action my wife gets on the worms she's fishing with 30 yards away, I don't think pests are my issue. Given the feedback I think it's the canned corn itself is just weak and tearing off the hair on the cast. Going to order some fake corn and try some maize (i've never had much luck with fake anything in my life, in any type of fishing) see if that survives this Saturday's session.
  3. Yes I'm using sweet corn. 4 pieces strung on the "hair" of the rig. Fishing a reservoir that is full of carp, some catfish, and not much else other than some frogs and the occasional crayfish. Didn't think nuisance fish would be much of an issue, if anything I just expected to catch the occasional catfish as well. My main concern is that the stopper might just be falling out and my corn is just falling off along with it. Is it maybe just about adding more corn so the stopper stays tight to the bait? Or re-tying a rig with a shorter hair? What kind of success can be had by just throwing the corn straight onto the hook?
  4. Hey all, brand new carp fisher here. Having a minor major problem on my first few sessions. I've followed a few video guides on how to tie a hair rig, seems simple enough... But after a few hours in the water when I pull in my rig, I'm noticing that my bait stop is gone, along with the 4 pieces of corn I've strung on it. What are some common things us newbies do that would cause this to be happening? Am I just being robbed by nuisance fish? If anyone has dealt with this problem in their own experience, I'd love to find out what you did to solve it.
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