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  1. Guess what time it is. ITS GIVE AWAY TIME. Rules are like the video on youtube. Comment on the video on youtube. Subscribe or already be subscribed. Please share as well. Giveaway closes at 11:59 pm December 1st 2019 Winners will be announced December 2nd 2019
  2. Put together a video on how to clean the inside and outside of a Abu Garcia Pro Rocket. Were going to put a giveaway together when we hit 600 subscribers. If you havent hit that sub button yet now is a good time to do so. Were only a few away.
  3. New video up super easy pack bait recipe. If you havent subscribed here is a good time to do so going to do a giveaway. Once we hit 600 subscribers will put the giveaway together and were not far off.
  4. Hello everyone this is my newest bait making video. I changed allot of things up to try and make a better video. Whats everyones thoughts and opinions on it.
  5. This was a day that I didnt have much time to fish but we decided to give it a go anyway. Had a great time with friends and family that day. I have allot of bait videos and carp fishing videos uploaded please consider subscribing its free to do and helps out allot. Thanks for watching hope you have a great day.
  6. Here is a video on one of the ways I like to make millet pack bait. Its a great bait to use Ive caught allot of fish on it. I have allot of fishing and bait recipe videos on my youtube channel as well. Thanks for watching and please consider hitting that subscribe button its free to do and only takes a second of your time.
  7. I like to use syrups to make my bait that way they dont go bad. Steam rolled oats are allot cheaper then the ones you get at the grocery store. I believe 50lb bag around here is about $20. If you make them this way they will basically last until there gone. Ive used my months later. If they dry out just add a little karo to em and they will start packing shortly after again. Thanks for watching Please consider subscribing to my youtube channel its %100 free to do and helps me out. Thanks again and have a great day.
  8. Here are a couple ways I like to use pack bait when I fish. All of them work equally as well for me. The one reason I dont use a hair rig very often is its less time consuming to do a regular rig and I seem to hook up just as often. Whats your favorite way to fish it. If you would like to see more I have plenty of bait videos and other carp related stuff on my youtube channel please consider subscribing its free to do and will help greatly thanks for watching and I hope you have a great day.
  9. I was finally able to join carp anglers group today so thought I would post of one of my bait recipe videos. This is a great alternative to trout chow. It works very very well Ive fished it side by side and done just as well with it as I have with chow. I have several other bait recipe videos on my channel please feel free to check em out and if you wanna help a brother out hit that subscribe button its free to do and will really help me and my son with our overall goal. Thanks for watching and I hope you have a great day.
  10. I just use the walmart brand Great Value regular panko bread crumbs. Yes this is a great bait especially this time of year. If you watch the video Click through my channel I have a couple videos of fishing with it where we caught some really good fish.
  11. This is how I make my panko pack bait. It works great you can pack it as hard as you want and it will still break down. Got a couple vids up on catching fish on it as well. Thanks for watching if you like what you see dont forget to hit that like and subscribe button
  12. Me and a friend were talking about joining. Thats why I registered a few days ago was checking the cost. The plan is to join once the old pay check hits the bank Friday.
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