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  1. This is a legit giveaway. I do them every so often to give back to my subscribers. If your interested its completely free to enter just follow the steps in the video. Winners will be chosen first Saturday in October 2020. Thank you everyone.
  2. Was a heck of a catch for me. Also have a slow motion tail slap from a grassy in the video.
  3. In this video my son catches his PB mirror. I had caught the same fish last fall. Thanks for watching.
  4. So far its one of our favorite spots it seems nearly every trip we catch a 20 plus pound mirror. We have also caught lots of koi and goldfish at this location. Thanks for watching Hope you have a great day.
  5. She said thanks everyone. Went back This past weekend and my buddy caught a nice one a little over 23lb as well. Ill be putting a video together on it.
  6. Wife catches Her PB Mirror. If you would like the video on youtube and drop a comment there to show her a little support and maybe I can get her to do some more videos.
  7. Here is a video on how to make your own carp goo. Thanks for watching
  8. Pretty successful trip. Wasnt planning on filming so a few werent on camera but glad we changed our mind and decided too. We try to upload a video on youtube every friday and live stream on wednesday evenings. If you would like to see more of our father son adventures please hit that subscribe button.
  9. Easy to make rice pack bait and how to use it video. Im 9 subs away from 1900 everyone. Thanks for all the support.
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