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  1. Yes that spot is good. I catch more carp there than anywhere. I'm sorry I didnt see this post sooner.
  2. Got rained out yesterday, but I got out there early this morning. No action. Water is crazy low. So I'm sitting at the dam now. Trying further up the creek by the dam at the moment. If I do not get some action in the next hour or so, then I will move further down and try to find some calmer water. Super muddy today river side.
  3. You guys are making me excited. I'm going to swing by there today and see how low the water is. If it isn't too low then I plan on fishing there all weekend. If it is low, then I may just spend the weekend at the dam again. If you guys don't mind me asking, how far from the bank were you guys putting baits? It seems to stay relatively shallow for a good ways.
  4. Are you referring to Vincent drive? They have banned Big fishing there. I was actually going to go fishing there this weekend hopefully. I was going to start putting bait out there today. The question for me what is do I do it at the boat launch where the article mentioned? Or do I do it at the slough that is a quarter mile down the road? Both have weeds but one you can park on the water the other you have to walk a little bit
  5. I have heard rumors of large carp in Chickamauga Lake. I will be posting my findings here for others to enjoy. I have caught several right below the dam, but none on the lake side so far. Smallest being a 6 pounder. Largest a 23 pounder. All commons. For anyone who fishes this lake, please post your findings, records, or stories below.
  6. The weird looks are one of the things that I enjoy about carp fishing. Up until 6 months ago, I had never even tried for carp. Seen lots of videos on it, but never knew we had them in local waters. I found an old random news article that proved they were here and I have been hooked ever since. They see me fishing and ask if I caught any cats. Then they look confused when I say I'm not trying to!
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