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  1. I started fishing for buffalo in nc and sc long before targeting carp. Do I catch carp targeting buffalo? Of course I do since they are both in the sucker family even though they are distant relatives. Do I catch buffs when targeting carp? Yes I sure do but I catch more of whichever I target 90% of the time. I do use the same rig for both with the only exception being I use smaller weights for buffalo unless I'm fishing a current or further than 100 yards. I use a number 6 wide bend by eagle claw. I've tried every hook imaginable and to catch a buffalo intentionally I have found no better. I do occassionally go up or down one size. I always use a 4 inch hook leader attached to a barrel swivel and a sliding sinker for both carp and buffalo unless I fish a heavy current and will occasionally use a bolt rig. In calm waters I use an 1/8 oz egg sinker or 1/4 oz. In wind I go to a 3/8 oz and occasionally a 1/2 but if it's that windy the buffalo catch themselves instead of me jerking on the bite. Yes those are small weights but very effective for being able to see every bite and allows your jerk to move the hook as quickly as possible. This is especially important if you are wanting to catch them instead of them catching themselves. I've caught some nice buffalo (I prefer smallmouth since they are the bigger of the 3 buffalo and tend to eat baits you could or would use for carp more so than the big mouth and black buffalo) in my years of fishing. My top 3 are 80.1, 72.6, and 70.1. I couldn't begin to count the number of 50s and 60s. All these came from the wild waters of the Carolinas. Of course I've caught a ton in paylakes as well but they do not survive long in paylakes once they exceed the 45 lb mark. Most paylakes tend to now stock them up to 40 ponds with the majority under 30. As far as baits in the wild waters mine rank from 1st to last as soybean meal, grits or ground corn, and bread but in catfish plenty waters bread is hopeless. The catfish eat the other 2 I mentioned but bread even more so. I use mainly pack bait unless I'm in turbid waters. I generally use corn puffs cut in half with anise oil, cinnamon oil, or spearmint. The half puff goes on the hook and the pack bait goes around it. As far as flavors for my packbait you honestly do not need any in the wild. I catch as many on plain as I do on strong scents. I always hear others say buffs like fermented bait best but I have not found this to be true. I tend to catch more catfish when my bait ferments. I try to fish in the 12 to 18 ft range through spring and fall but close to 30 ft in summer and winter. Buffalo seem to suck on the bait until they feel tension. For that reason I fish a very slack line and will occasionally pick my rod up.and give it more slack to increase the hold time before setting the hook. I usually set the hook with a baseball type swing that sounds like a whip. Others use what's been called a slap jerk which I can do but I hook more with my altered baseball swing. You definitely can not be afraid to miss. If you are not missing more than you are hooking then you are not jerking enough. This is an old thread so I wont make it any longer than it already is but I hope I helped someone. Tight lines! JJ To God be the glory!!
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