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  1. I fish all around Lexington NC. I've had decent luck at High Rock Lake and Yadkin River public boat ramps in Davidson County. As others have said, there are enormous impoundments in NC, but bank access is really limited, as best I can tell there's not much access aside from boat ramps. Lately I've been fishing mostly a small creek that runs through Finch Park in Lexington. The boat ramps are getting too crowded, and too much trash. I love bank fishing, but I'm seriously considering trying out carp fishing from my kayak.
  2. I've been getting more and more into carp fishing for last two years, after mostly being surf fisherman, just joined CAG and the forums this year however I realized I'd not posted in the regional forum. I fish mostly in Lexington, a bit in Yadkin/High Rock but mostly in the local creeks in Lexington. The carp are mostly sub-15lbs but it's quiet with no boats or loud people. I've been meaning to explore Badin, it seems like a big mystery, and practically bottomless. A paylaker fishing High Rock told me there were buffs in Badin, anyone have any experience at all with Badin or Tuckertown
  3. Looking forward, just registered.
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