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  1. Haha yeah couldve been. We got like 3 bites at a time so maybe a school of them!
  2. Thats definitely a possibility but that means there would have been 10 turtles in a small corner of a pond lol
  3. Hello all, Me and a buddy were fishing a new spot in our pond and had about 20 bites, small and large, but no hookups except for a turtle. No runs either but the fish would bend the rod lots. The pond has a little carp fishing pressure and we have had very good success with 3 or 4 pieces of corn threaded directly on a hook on a short carolina rig and cast into a pile of bait. All the carp we have caught in that pond are about 5 pounds on average, the bigger ones being about 8 and smaller about 2. We went back the day after with an extra long leader and small trout hooks, like a quar
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