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  1. Thank-you guys Patrick
  2. Hi How do you locate carps in a body of water you have never fished? I know about looking for jumping carps or bubbles coming to the surface or simply spotting them cruising. Do some of you fish at random, pick a convenient spot and hope for the best? Thanks Patrick
  3. Hi I see that Ebay sellers from China post some very affordable alarms for like $10 each. has anyone tried them? I hope it's ok to post this here, my apologies if it isn't. Thanks Patrick
  4. Hi I need to replace my line on my baitrunner reels which I haven't used in 3 years. I went to my local fish store (Dick's sporting goods) and found this line which fits my budget ($7). It is green colored. Shall I use this or can you recommend something else? Thanks Patrick
  5. Willem Never mind my last question above, I looked at your pic again and the line in indeed being pulled down by the hanger. Patrick
  6. Willem You are the man I figured it out thanks to your pictures. What was confusing me was that if you look at my picture the clip on the pink hanger wasn't were it was supposed to be, it was on the black cord instead of being on top of the pink part. I have a question on your second pic with the hangers set up. Shouldn't the lines on your 3 rods be slacking to allow the hanger to go up when a carp bites? Thanks again Patrick
  7. Hi I got these 3 hangers and I can't figure out how to set them up. 1 is pink, 1 is green and 1 is blue. I attached a pic. I went on youtube videos and bing.com images but can't find nothing on how to set them up. Thanks for the help Patrick
  8. maninblack Well said, I was planning on having hook lenghts ready in case of breakage. I will try both ways of rigging, one with same hook length as main line and one with a smaller hook length and see what I prefer. Santiago I m a beginner and I would need a picture to understand your rig.But thanks anyway for posting. Thanks to both Patrick
  9. Mr Hooper It all makes sense and seeing your experience, I will match the rig line with the main reel line. Thanks so much Patrick
  10. Thanks to all I got me some size 8 hooks along with the 6 I had, I will try one on each of my 2 poles. Mr Hooper I have always been told in Euroope where I grew up that the rig at the end of the line, the part below the swivel should be a couple sizes smaller than the main line, the reason is supposed to be to present a smaller line to the fish and in case of breaking during a battle the fish will swim around with only 12" of line instead of maybe a much longer piece. Everybody can shime on this, if I should use the same 14lb for the rig as for my spool I will do so, I m here to learn. Mr hooper thanks for the 12" length for the rig I wasn't sure which lenght to use. Thanks a lot Patrick
  11. Hi I got both my shimano bait runner loaded with 14lb test line, what size line for the bottom rig, I was thinking 12lb.Is this size correct? I will go for a basic rig with a size 6 hook (Not hair rigged) and a sliding sinker above a swivel. Please let me know what you think Thanks Patrick
  12. Hi I really appreciate the answers.Looks like I will go for 12-15lb mono. I will fish a lake which has some rocks but not too bad and a river backwater (Where I saw carps) which has a muddy bottom. Thanks so much Patrick
  13. Hi I got 2 shimano bait runner reels and will start trying to catch some carp. What line size (lb) shall I load my reels with? Any particular line? Thanks a lot Patrick Atlanta-GA
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