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  1. Yes to all 3 and thank you Stephen, it was a pleasure to meet ya btw. Tight lines!
  2. Yes, I have to settle up with the guys I missed While i was gone so if there is anything you might like, please let me know
  3. Awesome!! That Wild Peach landed my team 6 or 7 of our fish too... Congrats again !!
  4. Hello Bud, Yes there are only a few left. Please pm me your shipping address/full name after making your donation. Thank you for the support! Tight lines, Andy
  5. Ok, This is my all time oddest catch.......I have no clue what could have possibly have happened to make the fish this way (maybe a tumor???), but it grossed me the heck out!!!!
  6. Thanks for the replies fellas!! Appreciate the feedback and confirmation of deliveries. We're up to $910 and counting!! Tight lines, Andy
  7. Many thanks for the support Miguel. Hope all is going good for ya sir! Up to $870 and counting...
  8. After the ATC, I'd like to get back to my passion of R&D. I have a few projects that I was working on that I'll revisit including a New revised sweet tiger. PS...i might have accidently slipped some of my very last Sweet Tigers into your order
  9. Thank you very much for the support!! 2 of each to be brought with for delivery to the ATC. Looking forward to seeing you both there. $840 and counting....
  10. All orders have shipped, please let me know when you recieve yours either in this thread or via PM so I can check you off the list. Once again I greatly appreciate the support for your club and the confidence in the baits. If we hit $1,000 with this Fundraiser, I may run another fundraiser this spring. I did do up a few extras of each flavor so I'll keep the offer open until I'm out. Oh........and do not stick your nose too close to the Wild Whiskey when opening the container ...you've been warned Tight lines and all the best to you all when you have the opportunity to give the baits a try.....The Sweet Fire I found most effective in warm-hot waters. Wild Peach Berry all year long, and the Wild Whiskey all year long, but cooler temps for best results.
  11. Many thanks for the support, Please send me a PM with full name and shipping address. Up to $780 and counting....
  12. Thanks Jeff, Your support is much appreciated! $750 and counting...
  13. One of the oddest catches for me: Still to this day, i am unsure if this is a muddler, a fully scaled mirror, or what the heck!! In addition, it is missing the top fin and has been a repeat capture showing signs of growth. This fish also had some of the largest scales I've ever seen on a fish of this size. Please click to see the pic a little larger...
  14. Excellent Frank, thanks for the continued support!! Total is $720 and counting...
  15. You recieved one courtesy of Ken in New York. Only Cag members prior to December 1st were on the mailing list. Any new members since that date would recieve anything we do this year.
  16. Here is a few pics of a 27lber I caught back in the day missing one of the fins:
  17. Ok great, Will be awesome to have ya on March 10th. If you cannot make it, we'll work something out. Tight lines, Andy
  18. Ha, I forgot about that one Nikki....Da Devil Carp!! Awesome!!
  19. All good Robbie, thanks for the continued support both locally and nationaly. Address same as on the boxes you sent?
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