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  1. I looked into it, you right a leather can't have a single scale.
  2. Looks like a proper European carp! Very nice!!!
  3. So looking at that mine might be considered a leather or if not there are most likely some in the lake that are completely scaless since those other ones are linears.
  4. I had a crazy day fishing sunday! The bite was on at a venue that is usually slow going. The crazy thing was catching a leather and two mirrors in a row! I'm going to call it a mirror but jokingly I was calling it a leather at first but now i'm starting to think it might actually be a leather after reading the description on wikipedia. Contrary to popular belief, Leather carp are not Mirror carp without scales; there is a distinct genetic difference. Leather carp are permitted a few scales; however, the dorsal row of scales is either absent or incomplete. Leathers also have reduced numbers of red blood cells, slowing growth rates. I know in the united states commons, mirrors, and leather carp were originally stocked but I haven't seen or heard of any leathers being caught. This carp did have a slight dorsal row of scales and that's it, but another reason I'm thinking it might be a leather is that the texture of the fins and tail were so different from the mirrors I had caught telling me it could be genetically different from the mirrors in the lake! What do you all think?
  5. Doug you fished Beltzville?
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