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  1. I've never tried zigs anywhere but can't see why they wouldn't work. I've seen the odd fly fisherman pull a few carp out at Pier 8 in the past using various flies that sank slowly. The carp were within 6ft of the surface though. There was one tourney at Pier 8 (I believe it was the CCC) where the winner won with a piece of yellow floating foam on the hook. I can't remember how far off bottom the rig was but she totally dominated that one. This year has definitely been a weird one for me. I haven't blanked yet but I can't remember another season where I've had to grind it out so much for a handful of fish each trip. It's one of the toughest seasons on record for me.
  2. Hopefully I'll be able to meet up with a few members in 2016...It's been a long while The last few years I haven't been able to get out much for carp, but I do plan to get out more this season. I'm Looking forward to doing a lot more shopping at CarpKit too for some new toys
  3. I never fished with Lakeside cottages but you're in the heart of the Kawarthas with a ton of different opportunities to try if you get bored...Some pretty sweet scenery to look at too depending where you go. The fish are generally long and lean and pretty similar to those you find in the St. Lawrence (though if I had to compare, I still think the ones from the St. Lawrence fight harder on average). It'll be interesting to see how the fishing will be with the long winter we've had. As Nick mentioned, prepare for zebra mussels especially around many of the locks. I prefer spooling up with 65lb PowerPro to avoid cut-offs. Early in the season I prefer using maize and other particles for hookbaits in that area but fish definitely do respond to boilies if you feed them. I remember one summer in the late 90's where 1 visiting angler from the UK baited up one spot with Nash white chocolate baits for a week. It got to the point where the fish wouldn't touch anything else. My dad and I scrounged the bushes after the angler flew back home to use as hook-baits.LOL Keep in mind that conditions throughout the Kawarthas can vary from year to year. Some years the flow through Young's Point and Lakefield can be downright dangerous with docks and large trees flowing down river. Floods are fairly common in the Peterborough area (once every 5yrs or so). There's always at least a few spots to get out of the heavy current and those spots are usually loaded with fish. I don't fish the Kawarthas as often as I used to these days but I still try to find the time to make it up there at least a couple times a year. Best of luck with the trip Marcus Mike
  4. In Lake Ontario, you are allowed to use 2 lines from a boat in "open water". The regulations do not specify which species can be caught by angling with 2 lines, nor does it specify that the boat has to be under power while angling. So in theory if I was in a boat anchored 10ft from shore in Lake Ontario (where I currently can only use 1 rod), that would be legal (Provided I'm not in an area outlined in the exemptions section)... http://www.mnr.gov.on.ca/stdprodconsume/groups/lr/@mnr/@letsfish/documents/document/mnr_e001339.pdf
  5. ‘Potential misuse’ means: “People who were illegally fishing with a 2nd rod before AND keeping over their limit, will now be legally using a 2nd rod and illegally keeping over their limit” I never really understood the 1-rod rule myself when possession limits remain the same. I can ice fish using 2 rods but I can’t fish the same body of water in summer with 2 rods for the same species of fish? Keep in mind I choose to fish away from other people. I never have to worry about a crowd. I can imagine running a 2nd rod when you're fishing shoulder to shoulder is a recipe for some colourful language.LOL
  6. In 2009, I fished with someone who was on the committee that made the decision to scrap the 2-rod idea. His name was Ed, not Dan though. I can’t see new regulations for carp being implemented (eg. limits, 2-rods, season closures, etc). And the story looks fake…At the bottom it says “posted in fiction”
  7. The Kawarthas aren’t what they used to be but there can still be decent fishing to be had. The fishing was on a decline well before the fish kills of 2008 (both numbers and average size are nothing like what they were in the 90’s and very early 2000’s). Prepare for zebra mussels – They’re in all the lakes and rivers. The average size of the fish is around 12-16lbs but they are great runners and do fight well. Be aware that the Kawartha region is cottage central. Being only an hour away from Toronto, you will see lots of other people out using the lakes and rivers during the summer – Finding peace might not be so easy (especially on weekends). Keep in mind that public access to waterfront areas is also not the greatest with all the cottages and land owner – Sometimes knocking on a few doors and asking for permission to fish on their land pays off. Do you plan to drive your houseboat through the various locks? If so that would open up so much more water to you. Mike
  8. Any idea where you will be staying? How far are you willing to travel? Unfortunately it looks like my next while is riddled with doctor's appointments Mike
  9. I should be good for it again this year. Mike Leung - Canada
  10. Good job guys. Great report Daniel
  11. That's awesome Stephen! I've always wanted to do a trip down there for the koi. Thanks for sharing the pics
  12. Very nice That little one looks like it might be a carp/goldfish hybrid. Sweet two-tone as well!
  13. Big Fish Addict


    Motel room is booked. Just need to pick up a few bits and bobs of bait & tackle and I should be all set Definitely can't wait!
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