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  1. macfish here. Andy, it's been a long time since I've been around. Never caught or fished for lake sturgeon but I did catch a shovelnose sturgeon on the Mississippi on a spinner many years ago. They are one of the strangest looking fish I've ever seen - kind of like a Klingon version of fish. They are quite a bit smaller and legal to keep while pallid and lake sturgeon are protected in Missouri and must be released immediately. Sturgeon are definitely on my bucket list with alligator gar and a few others. Good luck! Jonathan
  2. macfish here. Horace, you got me. I thought you were going to be using bamboo as your rod, not your pod. It does looks great! Jonathan
  3. macfish here. Barbelfloat, you have instigated a very interesting thread and discussion. I was a little confused at first by your distinctions but you have written your piece very well and concisely. I guess I would fit into the numbers group because I have not yet been bitten by a bug to catch any particular size fish (or numbers either for that matter) more than a bug just to catch carp. Really my reasons for fishing for carp have more to do with meditation time, contemplating life, etc. It doesn't have so much to do with fish in particular as it does with achieving and maintaining a certai
  4. macfish here. Pat, congratulations on your new PB blue! That's a very nice looking fish. Is it around the 40-50lb. range? I've been fishing a lot this summer specifically to get a big blue. I've gotten one small blue to shore but it was only about a 5lber. We have some nice blues in Missouri and more than our share of good sized flatheads as well. Big cats are a blast! Jonathan
  5. macfish here. Several folks have said it sounded like a turtle to them. I have been battling turtles this summer for the first time in a long time. I've been fishing for blue catfish using cut bait and have caught and also lost several large softshell turtles. I don't now how they react where you're at, but once I got them close to shore the way they were swimming was decidedly different than any fish. I could clearly feel them "paddling" meaning they were using their front legs to try to swim away from the direction they were being pulled. It was a sensation unlike any I have felt with any fi
  6. macfish here. Charlie D, nice pictures, especially the last one with the swans in flight. Jonathan
  7. macfish here. Nice catch! How big was the fish? Since the tippet was so light did it take you much longer than a "normal" fight to get it in? Thanks, Jonathan
  8. macfish here. I did not see the article on the snakeheads but invasive species are a fact that we cannot ignore. Sometimes it seems like when invasive species are spoken about it is in reference to the coming end of the world. I am not trying to make light of something that can be quite problematic. Two current examples which come to mind are the emerald ash borer which is a very serious pest in my state of Missouri (and many other states as well) and mountain pine beetles which are currently destroying many trees in the West. About six miles from where I live there is a river which is infeste
  9. macfish here. Congratulations on your new PB! Fine looking fish! Jonathan
  10. macfish here. JD, welcome to the forum and to the U.S. (belatedly) and to a gathering of mostly catch and release carpers. You might be correct that there are few or no catch and release carpers where you are, or at least none that you have met yet. I am in an area where I've met no catch and release carpers but there are carpers here who catch and keep and probably others who use alternative methods as well. Eventually I will probably meet some catch and release carping folks as I have with other species. I may have a pretty broad and optimistic view of anglers in general in the U.S. but I th
  11. macfish here. Horace, I have been reading your posts for a long time now and have gotten pretty used to your wonderful renditions of how the time passed. Overall this has been one of the better ones except I found one thing seriously lacking. I was really disappointed that you had nothing at all in it about food. How could four, fully grown men manage to catch all of those fish without a single bit of nutrition? (Unless I just missed it?) Great job guys, congrats to the winners (all ya all)! Jonathan
  12. macfish here. I have only seen two flatheads less than five pounds. One I caught myself and one was caught by a friend and offered to me when he had to leave. (It was released to get bigger. ) They were both around three pounds and both were quite different than adult flatheads. By different I mean in color. I don't know what juvenile or smaller flats look like in other waters but here they are very dark, almost black in color with distinctive white stomachs. One other characteristic of the flathead that I forgot to mention that is unique to the flathead is that the lower jaws juts out beyo
  13. macfish here. Anna, that rod looks really nice. I have a very old bamboo fly rod that was given to me that is almost worn out but is the nicest feeling fly rod I've ever held and used. It's slower and softer than anything else I have tried but it plays fish so nicely. Your rod is probably faster and heavier action since it is not a fly rod. What was the reel you paired with it, something like a Mitchell 300? Thanks, Jonathan
  14. macfish here. One thing about lipping a fish is that is generally it gives better control of the fish. When you've got one that has three sets of sharp, nasty pincushions (pectoral and dorsal fins) it isn't such a bad hold, at least with a fish that small. When they're larger and say a flathead I keep my hands out of their mouths unless I have gloves on. They have very small but sharp teeth and can tear up fingers and skin quickly. When I'm holding larger cats shy of 10lb. I'll often actually hold them upside down, that is I have my palm spread across their stomach (instead of my palm across t
  15. macfish here. It looks like some type of bullhead to me also. My guess is either black, brown or yellow bullhead with the yellow being least likely just by its color and brown bullhead being the most likely. In the black bullhead the back edge of the pectoral fins/spines have no teeth or serrations on them. (Be very careful when checking these. Bullheads are better at finning you than most cats and their fins are sharp like hypodermic needles and fin wounds feel like bee stings, commonly swell up and sometimes get infected.) Both brown and yellow bullheads have mottled patterns of color on th
  16. macfish here. Redpeachpackbait, it was a good story though I feel for you. I agree with classiccat on your fish. I think from the outline of the anal fin that it is probably a large channel cat, not a blue. The blue's anal fin is longer and straight. The channel's anal fin is more curved or rounded like the fish in your pic. Channel cats don't have to have spots. I have caught them as small as 1/4lb. and they were blue in color and had no spots but they were definitely channels and not a blue (as determined by the shape of the anal fin). You got yourself a great looking catfish! Your sacrifice
  17. macfish here. On the surface she may not look nice to us, but if she got that big even with her limitations and the evidence of her struggles then she's got a great heart. Tight lines! Jonathan
  18. macfish here. Horace and Tim, congratulations on all of your captures and especially Horace on your new PB mirror! One thing that puzzles me a tad and maybe you said it before and I didn't see it or pay attention, but how far (high) is it above the water when you're up on your fishing platform above Wallace Dam Lake? It looks like from the video that you're up quite aways. Great video, by the way! Thanks, Jonathan
  19. macfish here. Jerome, great job publishing your family and fishing successes! I too like having the viewer added all in one box instead of having to go through a series of photos 1/box in a thread. Thanks, Jonathan
  20. macfish here. Beautiful pictures! It sure is nice to see crystal clear water and the fish that thrive there. Thanks, Jonathan
  21. macfish here. Paul, very nice looking fish. Congrats on your capture! Cats are definitely one of my favorites. Jonathan
  22. macfish here. Yup, congratulations but just don't disappear like I did for awhile after I hit the 3,000 mark. I was pretty much gone for about a year or so though it was for good reasons. Things had changed a bit during that time. I'm still not sure that I'm back up to speed. Jonathan
  23. macfish here. Way to go! That last fish is a hog! Great job. Jonathan
  24. macfish here. Congratulations on having a great session! I only got out for a little while and didn't have any bites though the carp were jumping quite a bit today. Why do you say the egg retaining fish will die? I thought I heard or read they would reabsorb the eggs if they weren't released. Jonathan
  25. macfish here. Congratulations! I have never caught a grass carp though they are in one river that I've fished quite a lot. Jonathan
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