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  1. I'd be interested in coming down for a fishin - not a lot going on in western KY.
  2. I think I remember a few lakes in WA being so heavily populated with tench to the point they were considered a nuisance fish.
  3. I did a length chumming and fish earlier this year to no success. Did see a huge buff jump clear out of the water but that's it. Loved Devils Kitchen lake. Seemed to have all the right elements. Again chummed and fished a few locations but saw nothing. Crab Orchard and little Grassy list carp. Cedar Lake is very attractive. Bank access is limited - may have to use my boat to get to better locations.
  4. Hi all Was wondering if there are any fellow carpers in the very southern part of the state? I am in Paducah and wanting to explore the waters north of me. I've fished Mermet and Devils kitchen lake and have not caught or seen anything in either. There are a heck of a lot of other lakes in the area that I don't know anything about. I think there was maybe fishins at Rend at one stage? I don't see much/any activity at this end of the state and wondering if there any anyone else down here that I could share info with.
  5. Skeet If you can make it to western KY, I will put you on them in the Ohio river. One spot I fish - its not unusual to get 10 to 20 in a day. They average about 12 - 14lbs but its typical to get a 20 in a session and sometimes all the way to the high 30s.
  6. Looks like around $2.2K from the website. Ultimate tackle tart. Wonder does it float!
  7. Charged 12V battery with power inverter to charge cell phones, Kindle etc. Tarp to make sure that bedding and clothing do not get wet especially early in session.
  8. carp_addict


    If you split the maggots up into small ziplock bags and poke a few pinholes in each bag and keep them at around 35F, they will keep for a long time - up to two months plus.
  9. I dont remember any of our stuff falling of buildings recently in Mexico! The Epcot ball is still looking good! Small world.
  10. Some of it looks very similar to the material that I make at my plant - is that similar to Alucobond?
  11. Google maps where you get the street view is also very awesome. I grew up in Cavan, Ireland and I can put in an address in that town and zoom down to street level and take a trip through memory lane that way all the way through the town. After leaving 20 years ago when technology was the phone only (land line) which was very expensive then until now - the change is unbelievable. If I was immigrating today I would have felt much different with the ease of communication. I still remember my 'wake' when I left (or at least some if it!) Back prior to modern transportation it was common practive where friends and relatives would gather around for a 'wake' for a person immigrating as they were likely to never see that person again.
  12. I think Tim has some pets in Pine Hills in OH.
  13. What a stunner! Beautiful colors!
  14. Great fish - congrats!
  15. " I'm Irish -- and it means the same thing " Where in Ireland were you born Brid?
  16. Don't forget about the bears in that area also. LOL. I'll never forget the day you told me that. I was thinking about it as I drifted off asleep in the car that night and how wise I was to park beside the trash cans. A storm rolled through the area that night and knocked over my chair against the trash can. I think I left an impression of my head in the car headliner that night! I never did feel as comfortable sleeping there again. THANKS ROB! LOL!!
  17. Matt/Rob Never had problem sleeping in car beside rod pod at 'Trash can' swim. Rob always wondered how I was able to beat him to the spot every morning....
  18. Few years ago I caught about a 10lb carp in OH river trailing an Ugly Stic and Zebco reel all in very good condition. I still have and use the ugly stick!
  19. Tons of carp in that lake also - a little small though.
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