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  1. Tim L

    First Carp of the Year

    First carp of the year (first in a few years actually).
  2. Barry it was a lot of fun; good location, close parking, bathrooms, grills, next time I'll bring some chips and sourkrawt to go with the dogs. Ya did good!
  3. Tim Ledford Tim L Residence: Georgia Fishing Venue: Fort Yargo
  4. If you are fishing alone, catch a carp, weigh it but no one is there to take a picture of you smiling as you hold your carp......well you might be in for a bite of a quandry....If you takes a picture of the carp and your hand is on the carp and you are giving a pre deschried hand signal that only you would know, like thumbs up or hook em horns, will it be boni fide and count??
  5. Let me make sure I understand the rules....Alright, so once May 1 gets here:1. We catch the carp 2. We have someone take a picture folding the carp, the scale, and the Big 4 label. 3. Does the big 4 label have to be on the fish when we take the picture? 4. Do you have to be able to read the weight on the scale or just see the scale in the picture? 5. If fishing alone, how do you take a picture of yourself holding the fishing while it is on the scale with the label on the fish? 6. If I understand this, you can send in as many pics as you want and the 4 biggest fish at the end of the month are the ones that count; is this right? 7. Finally if we tape the big 4 label to the scale how can we/you read the weight on the scale?
  6. That's good news....I spoke to Kevin; he won't able to make it this time since May 4 is orthodox Easter....He recently fished down at Sinclair; and did pretty well; good numbers plus some double digit fish... One name I forgot from GA is Johnny Ashburn..
  7. Barry you may want to post this on the GON forum as well..
  8. Well I've got two long ones; one a long limber telescopic thing that I ordered many years ago from carp central and have always been ashamed to take anywhere; you could drive a small truck into it but the way it bends a 15 pound fish might snap it. But I've also got an old western auto heavy gauge steel fish net. If you extend the exstendoo it is about 8 or 9 feet long; you couldn't drive a truck into it but by gawd you could pick up..........well not a truck but a riding lawn moyer with it.....It anyone ever had a big time carp there it would probably work just fine.... Welcome to CAG Tim Lewis!
  9. I just asked that woman at the Georgia Department of Fish and Agricultural Practices if suckers and grass carps are the same as a common carp and she said all carps are common and that a carp is a carp and that a sucker is almost a carp. She has a badge and a picture of a man with a beard so she knows.
  10. Does it have to be a real carp to count or can we use grass carps and suckers too?
  11. Well their saying at Lanier the carp are so thick next to the shore that you can almost net them (guy on GON posted some pics). Too early fpr spawn..
  12. Barry I'm going to predict that you will catch the biggest carp in Gwinnett County this year and will be declared the Gwinnett Heavyweight Champion by the parks and recreation authority....You know here in Gwinnett a carp is a carp....Commons, mirrors, goldfish, grassers, suckers, tigers, a carp is a carp...
  13. Awww Barry youd be a great organizer! Just pick a place, say whoever shows up will fish till their ready to call it a day and email the results to carp central....
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