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  1. Good day.  I am a new arrival here in Texas.  Retired Marine of 27 plus years, and looking to get back into some BIG Carp fishing.  I live in the Houston area.  If there is any info you can share that will help me find good Carp waters here in my area, I would certainly appreciate it.  I am not too far away from Lakes Conroe, Livingston, and Houston.  I would image those bigger lakes would have bigger fish.  Not sure about bank space, as I do not have a boat.  Never Carp fished from a boat actually.  At any rate, looking forward to hearing from you.  If there are any contacts in the Houston area for Carpers, I would greatly appreciate that as well.

    All the best.


    aka Rich



    1. Texas Carper

      Texas Carper

      Hello Rich,

       Sorry about now getting back to you sooner. I'll check and see what members are in the Houston area for you.Haven't actually been fishing out your way to be honest. If you'll go to this site TPWD ,and put a lake in the search it with pull up the information you need for it.

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