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  1. and another shot from the Lake Ngaroto where the fish are spawning above
  2. speaking of cool colours here is a small one which should grow up to be an awesome looking fish!
  3. thanks Charlie yes i think i will continue having some fun with them on light gear over the summer down here in NZ.
  4. Well ive been trying out feeder fishing for Carp over the last few weeks and have had a LOT of fun on light gear Im using a 3 piece match rod with my softbait reel and 8lb berkley fireline.... I use a block end feeder with bread crumbs, corn and some cake flavouring all mixed together and a single grain of corn on a size 14 fly hook. I sit side on to the river and just look for bites then strike. Here is the best fish of the weekend which weighed in at 11lb 14oz and really put up a great fight on such a light rod
  5. here in NZ we go out at night when the tide is low with a spotlight and a spear! it works pretty well
  6. Hi Chris! i will have to get over to Aussie some day to finally catch a common or mirror! unfortunately we only have Koi here in NZ
  7. yeah i have had a few like that including this one
  8. awesome stuff Jake! you are catching some nice fish man!!!
  9. unfortunatly its only koi down here Australia got all the variety's but we only got koi....
  10. Well its winter now downunder and the fish have slowed down but we had a good period just before winter! here are some pics This my favorite this nice 9.5lber was caught on the Waikato river near Tuakau by Harrison and its new PB Here is his Dad with a nice 22lber! And here is Craig our resident Zimbabwean with his new PB of 17lbs also caught at Tuakau
  11. good old sweetcorn eh! the universal bait nice fish btw!
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