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    Milwaukee Wisconsin

    You can contact me via message or email and I will give you my numb er. I carp fish the Milwaukee area quite regularly. It is alot of fun.
  2. Thank you for posting the pictures. The bucket idea will work great for my rod and reel with the bite alarm built into the reel. Yesterday, I built a rod pod for 3 rods for $7.50. I can't wait to go try it out. I haven't glued anything because I need to see if the pipes are the length I like.
  3. Hey, try contacting Andy in Michigan. Go to the section on shared fishing trips, they will help out on making sleeping accomendations. The CAG folks in MI are very friendly and will help you get on some big fish. I was there 2yrs ago for a fishin and had a geat time. Ford Lake has some very cooperitive large fish available. Also try Kent Lake. There is tons of available shoreline. Nothing like WI with most shoreline being privately owned.
  4. I'm interested in making a homemade rod pod and would like to see what others have done. I would like it to be portable. I also would be using it from the bankside, on piers, and from my bassboat[hopefully soon to be a carphauler]. I don't want to have to reinvent the wheel just save a buck.
  5. Lee, Could you post some more information about the '09 WI Carp Championship on May 30th. I'm from Wi and would like to give it a try.
  6. Got mine today in good condition. Looking foward to a good read.
  7. Way cool video and blog. Looking forward to see what you and your friends will catch in '08. Keep up the good work of including your friends. Turtle
  8. Great looking fish pics. I'm glad you had a good time. The one fellow in the pics looks like he tried a new tanning method called raw hide. I too would be interested in seeing some pics of your homemade rod pod. Have you tried using backleads to stop the stupid boaters from getting your line?Turtle
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