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  1. Swap was outstanding. Thanks McTage for coordinating and giving a lot of time to the cause. And thanks folks for all the good patterns.
  2. John Montana already posted my favorite fish of 2010. I can still see the take. Won't forget it. Back in < 2 months for more.
  3. Just tacked up my own report - a few pics beyond what John Montana posted: report And Clay - a net is used. Occasionally beaching can work though.
  4. Did anyone check this out? Larry is a good guy. He knows a lot about trout fishing and carp fishing. Wish I could have sat in...
  5. See report and one million pics here. Also see John Montana's report.
  6. Outstanding fish, as always. The mirror is really pretty. Not too long now... pickup at PDX.
  7. Had a good time. Hope you folks have encountered some good and rubbery lips lately. WB
  8. Good point here. In summary: it doesn't necessarily follow from the fact that a fish can endure an environ that that fish prefers that environ.
  9. Snagging is part of the deal in that situation. Can't be avoided in blind or "partial sight fishing" situations, and it's difficult to plan against it. Set the hook and be happy with some fair and some foul hookups. My experience is that the majority of the foul hooked fish come off anyway, after a short struggle. Justice of sorts... a scale comes free and presents itself to you in kind of a mocking fashion. Peck fin, tail or dorsal though will hold fast, as I'm sure you've observed.
  10. Great fish man. Nice work out there.
  11. The South Dakota reference here - is it sight fishing? It's close enough to me to merit a look. Need to see the fish though.
  12. Did you talk to the Carpeando guys? They probably have thoughts on carp fishing down there.
  13. I wouldn't use a 10 wt for carp. However, I do wish I had one for BWCA (and lake fishing in general) - for casting big streamers long distances. Mainly pike/muskie application. Those fish don't fight for crap compared to carp, but given the fly size, you're undergunned with a 7 wt and sometimes even with an 8 wt, IMO. If I see a great deal on a 10 wt, I'll buy it. Like you did. Smart move.
  14. Thanks guys. Coincidentally, I just included that 14 lber pic (my avatar) in my presentation on Monday. I told the Board of Directors for a watershed group that they can tout the fact that an unofficial world record was caught from "their" river. That whole deal is one of my top fishing memories of all time.
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