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  1. Awesome thanks I will try those sites..
  2. I have a lead on a DAM green cross power carp rod, 3.6m and 2.5TC.. I can't find any info online.. I need to know if it is a good rod and the price new?
  3. Merry Christmas to you Lorne and to everyone!! Have a fun and safe holiday!!!
  4. here are a few more picture to add.. It was a great event and thank you to Mark and Lorne for organizing these event..
  5. I caught a few with similar scale patterns, I say muddler.... BUT I saw a few guys on Facebook that caught carp with similar scale patterns calling them FSM..
  6. Beauty!! Congrats on the mirror...!!
  7. I had a blast meeting and seeing everyone.. Can't wait till the next one.. I just wanted to add a few more photos..
  8. Great catch.. I love fishing the feeder or float with light lines.. I normally use 6-8lb hooklengths, sometimes 2lbs, Light lines are the trick sometimes..
  9. Beauty carp Mark... Too bad about the backlash, if it makes you feel better I lost 300yrds of braid to a boat last year!!
  10. I will definitely be out April 12 and 13 casing carp.. Up to then I'll be at Simcoe looking for open water for perch and crappie..
  11. Thanks for all the quick replies.. I was thinking the standard since I don't cast 120yrds.. Thanks again everyone..!!
  12. Ontariocarper


    Quick question: For those using the Spombs, Which should I go with, standard or Midi?? I have 2 spod rods 4.5lb tc and 5lb tc if that makes a difference in a choice..
  13. Congrats on the snow carp!! Another week or so and I'll be checking my Toronto spots..
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