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  1. some of my fondest memories are from carp ins . Trying to make a few this year ..............
  3. Paint sounds good,as does Tappan. As far as July or August,maybe Griggs or another central location. Not much down here in the southwest. Cowan is a nice lake and has good carp and bank space. DA KING !!!
  4. Hey all !! I see Scott is state chair. Good choice as he bleeds fishin...Crappie,Bob and Rick,good to hear from you guys.Good for the soul....I still think of the time myself,Bob and Clayton went to Santee Cooper. Great time indeed. I don't work Saturdays anymore, so I will be at a few of the fish ins for sure.I'm really looking forward to this year.Hope all is well with you guys,and your families. Talk later...the much mellower ......DA KING !!! OH YEA !!!................
  5. Hey all !!! Long time no see.....Just checking in on some old friends and see how all the carpers are doing.Hopefully we can get vtogether this season and do some fishing,or in my case,as some of you are well aware of, some bank side talkin...lol....DA KING !!!
  6. Hey all !! Just checking out some past fishing trips. That was one nice carp for sure !! Da KING !!! hasn't been out for quite some time, maybe a couple years or so, but always enjoy checking up on the guys and gals....OH YEA !!! THE CATKING !!!
  7. I guess older members just don't matter anymore.Sections only open to members and other things like that. Then one wonders why people give up on groups like this. I've been around for a very long time, finally getting back into some of it, and low and behold, things are all twisted around. Sometimes,changes are NOT what we need. ...Rick
  8. I logged on to the web site to see when this event was going to happen. Like cwcarper, I'll be at Levi's first birthday,and for those who know what happened with this boy from day one, his first birthday is a true blessing. I'm making it a point to be at a couple outings ,along with cwcarper,this season. Good luck to all and have a good time ....DA KING !!!
  9. Hey All !! I'd like to make a few this season ,along with cwcarper. River Ricks suggestion about the GMR is something to be taking very seriously. This is a great location, easy to find, and fish almost right from your car.Another lake that we had a fish in in the past was Clark lake. Not a bunch of big carp, but many were caught, and it's a very private,peaceful place. Just adding my two cents...DA KING !!!
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