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    I'm still looking for the "Jurassic Carp"
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  1. Nice, I'm sure we'll have a lot of great shoots from all you guys!
  2. Somebody stop Mario Kok!

  3. Amazing fish, amazing capture!!! congratulations for this new record Luis!! Sal...ami
  4. Agree with that Mario, I found more convenient March- April personally preffer windy conditions than snowballs A poll woud be perfect for that
  5. I' don't wanna see how it smels like but I'm pretty sure smells like a succes
  6. 40+ felt like, Mario. That fish is now owner of my dreams and nigthmares Here a few more pics.
  7. "Finally, a Mexican biggy..." says Mario, and you should have seen him arriving to base camp! his face was like illuminated for the goodes, with the sould totally satisfied, finally reaching a that 15 kg. goal. What-a-trip!! I found friends who have the same passion and dedication for carpfishing, the same feeling that I have while looking quietly the calm water, people that have the same respect to life and nature as me (even for rabits) This lake has really big surprises under it's waters, and this first oportunity to fish there was enougth to hook me to go back and get a nice 20 kilos, It feels like a totally "untouched" lake, were we can start baiting to our own techinques and have really good results. Fish are huge and healty andit's our responsability to keep them like this. As for techinques, it was very constructive because I could share, learn and try ohter stuff, we even had a session for kick-ass inventions that prooved to be very efective in the action and I got my new mirror pb with that beauty 11kgs ! so, what else can you ask for? Now some pics: Lionless Lake ....
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