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  1. Unfortunately not for the next couple of months, maybe in july we can make some time to go. I'll be trying it in some nearer places, I liked it, if I have some maize when I go to The lioness sure I'll try it there.
  2. lol, not this one, we only had time for 4 hours, so we couldn't make it to The lioness, maybe next time.
  3. A couple of weeks ago I went with my fishing partner Jorge de la peña to a small pond near Querétaro, just for a few hours to try the Monster Maize New world Carp send me for signing in the Toks big 4, an this is what we caught. This is jorge with the 4 mirrors we got.
  4. thanx for everything guys, nice fish you haver over there.
  5. Guys, I just finished writing some lines for webcarp.com magazine, and need one nice pic of Ldy Bird lake, I guess I could just take one from google, but you know how is that copyright thing, so I'm asking your good nature. If you guys appear in the picture with a nice lump that's even better. Thanx. Oscar. You can check out the mag in here. http://pescadores-queretaro.yolasite.com/revista-webcarp.php
  6. Lol, I know, it takes so long to get a nice 40, I still haven't either, but working on that. Phone, I agree with you, elevation does have something to do with the size carp can reach, we have witnessed that, right now I'm trying a small pond at 2000 mts, lets see how that turns out. don't know if the parallel 35 has something to do with carp, but sure elevation does.
  7. So scottevil, what are some others I could use? Lets say, the top 5 for u?
  8. Great suggestions you guys have posted here, I haven't thought about some of them. Its gonna be a difficult choice this way, maybe I could talk every issue about the lake or river that has produced the biggest fish for CAG in the past months, E.G. the lake where Mike got his piggy mirror.
  9. I know phone, it is very difficult as every fisherman has its own opinion according to their experiences, and well, it hasn't to be a lake, its just that I'm used to fish lakes but I realise you guys have nice rivers for carp fishing, like the hudson or the one Scott metions. The thing is that I'll start writing for a Sapnish Mag next january, and would like to talk every issue about the lakes that produce the best fish in our continent, from Alaska to Argentina, so . . .
  10. Hey guys, I'd like to know what do you think is the best US carpfishing lake in the US? some info and pics would be helpful.
  11. Is not that long to the city near there, you can pick me up there.
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