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  1. Hi Paul.

    I buy my bulk baits at Minor brothers in Winona. They sell egglayer, cracked and whole corn as well as pigeon seed.

    BBig Al's usually only sells floating pellets but you can always phone them.

    Another option is the flavourd deer corn sold at Sail or other places that sell hunting supplies.

    October and early November are prime time in our area. Good luck.

  2. Thanks Mark, problem I don't have the bait n wait time that it takes.... Have you been out yet? I'm hoping to wet my line in about 3 weeks ......my spot is open but temp is not there yet

    You're welcome. Not so much for carp. Mainly on the ice. There are pockets of carp that stick around. Not always necessary to bait and wait. Talk to Dennis at Fishing Niagara. He likes to fish for carp and is pretty helpful with that area since his fishing tackle shop is right in Fort Erie.

  3. The best time to fish for them is spring. They move into different locations to spawn from late April to early june iun the shallows all along the coast. One just needs to do some exploring to find them. Once your on them you have a chance to catch plenty. Its a good opportunity to break your PB or even get the fly rod out. In my experience on the beach I fish, I usually need to wait up to 24 hours until they get on the bait ( I bivvy up) but when they do get on your bait make sure you have fresh batteries in your alarm LOL. (I spod out a few gallons of particles). I agree it can an intimidating amount of water to tackle but once you find them, you'll be in carpy heaven. Some suggested area would be the Port Maitland area, Crystal Beach and anywhere in between. Good luck!

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