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  1. hairwig


    Mods. Please remove.
  2. I immediately smelled a rat so I shut the computer down right away. I don't want to open it at the moment. Concerned I'll get screwed.
  3. I logged in today and was directed to a survey about the CAG? Anyone else seen this? I hope it's not a problem... I posted this on my phone just in case.
  4. Cool! Well done to all that made it happen. Thank you.
  5. An upload test, Waited 17 minutes....No dice
  6. Tried them one by one. Waited 7 minutes. The image didn't upload.
  7. I will try it again Willem. Thanks
  8. It's not telling me so? I click on 'attach file" then wait...and wait...and...The small loading circle just keeps going around and around
  9. I have been attaching files using the CAG photo uploader with no issues until recently. Now when I attempt to upload files after clicking 'browse', then 'attach this file', they don't load??? Also - Alternatively ,I would have no problem pasting an image using a URL but I can only sign into the forum now by right clicking 'sign in' then clicking 'open', so I end up loosing the image?... Computer savvy, I am not... Any help would be appreciated
  10. Total 'tongue and cheek'
  11. I didn't click. Thanks for the warning though and link Willem. I have McAfee with online support. It seemed the first McAfee scan didn't work but it turned out it did. Problem seems to have gone at the moment. Thanks for the responses.
  12. Anyone else getting these pop ups on your system? I uploaded this on my phone. Sorry its upside down
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