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  1. thanks for the info! i'm hoping to get out this saturday to fish it. i'll look into getting those maps from dcnr. i think that's what you're referring too.
  2. anyone have any success at this lake? i'm thinking about trying it out. i need to find a place when i'm unable to fish the river. is the park closed for winter or anything like that? if not, anyone with any experience interested in taking a trip there within the month?
  3. is this by the PPL power plant? if so, i know where you're talking about. i've fished around there before with a little bit of success. i believe there's always people in boats around that area. my browser wouldn't let me view that link for some reason
  4. i use this to check the height of the rivers in the area. http://www.abc27.com/global/Category.asp?c=192389
  5. yes sir, i did have you in mind. i remember talking to you about it before.
  6. the date doesn't really matter. i have 2 weeks vacation to use whenever i want and my brother works for himself.
  7. my brother and i are looking to leave the harrisburg, pa area and go on a fishing trip for a couple of days. anything within 4-5 hrs. away. maybe meet up with one or a couple cag members to fish for a day or two. we just thought of this, so we haven't really gone into detail. we would prefer river fishing, but if someone knows spots in big lakes we'd like that too. maybe pittsburgh or philly area?
  8. it's impressive and all, but the fact that people keep catching the same fish over and over again takes away from the accomplishment. at least for me. hell of a fish, but it's been caught several times before.
  9. yea definitely in that pic it looks no where near a 99 lb. fish.
  10. it looks pretty rocky there, if you're having problems with the fish breaking the line you might want to switch to braided line. if you're using 12 lb. mono you're probably losing a lot to the rocks. i had that problem and switched to 50 lb. braid and that ended the problem. don't use a real tight drag though, as something else will break instead of the line. screw boilies, i've given up on them. too expensive and not enough results, at least for me. use whatever you're catching them on. field corn (maize) is a good idea. very cheap, will stay on the hook or hair better and can be just
  11. gifford pinchot state park does have carp over 20 lbs. my friend and i have caught them. it's by lewisberry (about 15 min. south of harrisburg on 83) it is a state park, so fishing reguarly is kind of hard. unless i'm wrong there's no place to fish unless you rent out a campsite. you can fish right from your campsite which is really nice. i'm from the harrisburg area, if you want big fish look for the river. i've caught several 30's around the middletown area. it's hard to find a place to fish that a lot of people don't already know about. most people that fish where i do tend to fish
  12. i watched his mlb debut...the movement on his fastball was ridiculous. once he's scouted he won't look at good, but the pirates looked like they wanted no part of him. they had no idea what was coming up.
  13. one of these times i'll have to get a video of him with a fish. when he gets the fish close to the bank he starts yelling "FISH!" i love watching him, it's so fun to watch the excitement over a little bluegill. we'll be behind home plate. so nothing this game. some time we'll sit by the outfield and hopefully get a foul ball. i wish i coulda seen strausburg pitch. he was phenomenal in his debut; even if it was the pirates.
  14. and these were from another time we went fishing. hes almost able to hold the rod and reel in the fish by himself. he's 2 1/2 now. after he wakes up from his nap we're going to go out for a little before a minor league baseball game.
  15. sorry, uploaded the same pic twice. this is his first fish ever. the other pic was from his second or so. as you can tell he was a little more excited for the other fish. (notice the chip in his hand?) haha
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