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  1. Moin Volker, nachdem ich nun längere Zeit nicht im Board war, will auch ich Dich hier noch mal WILLKOMMEN heissen. Mein Mexico-Aufenthalt, welcher vor einigen Jahren für einen norddeutschen Automobilhersteller stattfinden sollte (Puebla), hatte sich seinerzeit leider kurzfristig zerschlagen. Ich wünsche Dir super Fänge und viel Spaß hier. Beste Grüsse aus dem nasskalten Norddeutschland.
  2. Hello carppielooker, take a look here. it is the biggest tackle dealer in the Netherland http://www.raven.nl/
  3. Hi Eli, Welcome on Board. Great Mirror.
  4. Moin Moin Peter, auch aus dem Norden ein Herzliches Willkommen bei den Carp Huntern
  5. Welcome Nils, its nice to see an other crazy German carpfisher here.
  6. Hallo Michael, "nun brat mir doch einer 'nen Storch"....jetzt bin ich total überrascht, hier einen waschechten Deutschen anzutreffen. Darüber freue ich mich wirklich sehr. Thanks for your offer and because we are here in an american forum I believe its better I write english. If I like to go to the USA I will contact you. Best Regards from Old Germany and Petri
  7. Guten Abend John, (because its late evening now here ). Thank you for your welcome. I'm really amazed of the big "Spiegel Karpfen" in your waters. It must be a pleasure to fish for carp in the U.S. although the lakes and rivers are much bigger as here in Germany. Hope to read you soon again
  8. Hi Tommy, thank you very much for your welcome.
  9. Hi Marius, thanks. I have read in your other posts you make a trip to Europe next year and you will fish for carps in Romania? Do you have heard from Bulgaria? For some years ago I have meet the English carp angler Kevin Maddocks on a carpfishing meeting. He has told me that he likes to go to Bulgaria for carp fishing because there shall be carps over 70 pounds.
  10. Hi Mike, if I get a ticket for a flight on my next birthday its okay. Otherwise I must wait still for 2 years. Maybe in 2009 we like to make a trip to Canada and then we will go for 10 days to the U.S. too. But maybe its expensive if I get my tackle with me
  11. Hello Anna, yes I mean "Barsch" but because there are more and more North American Black Bass are in German waters I will try to caught one of these too. These kind are much bigger as German "Barsch" and they are better fighters. The biggest "Barsch" I have caught in the past was 50 cm. If you use a line (max. 0,25 mm dia.) it was really a good fight too. But its difficult to use it because on every time you can hook a pike.
  12. Hello all. at first thank you very much for your all nice welcome The most bait for carp that we used for carp fishing on my home lake (you will name it pond ) is a comination of corn/maggot. It works well in spring and summer. But in summer I often try boilies with a sweet flavour. But my mention because more carp fisherman used boilies the carps know this bait. So I look for bait which not everybody used. In an old book from the early 80s I have read from the bait potatoe. The size of the potatoes are nearly as a table-tennis ball. Before you boiled the potatoes 15 min. you make a flavour into the water. At the end of boiling you put out the potatoes. The water you can use to make a good groundbait or a special paste (if you like to fish with "the Methode" or with a bait spiral. Its really great.
  13. Hello all, I'm from North Germany and new here. I like to fish for carp here in Germany but not only. In the past I have caught all my carps with corn or potatoes and next year I like to start to fish with boilies. The biggest carps here in our lake are round about 38 lbs. Next year I like to make a fishing trip to Danmark for carp fishing. But also I fish for walleye, eel, bass and pike in freshwater too. Sometimes I go to the BalticSea to fish for cod, steelhead and salmon. If you have any question feel free to ask.
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