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  1. Hello, My name is Rob Byer and Ive been fishing most of my life. Ive been targeting carp for the past 4 years or so. I live in Croydon, Pa which is right outside the northeast part of Philadelphia. I typically target the Delaware River but like to fish lakes as well. Typically use euro methods when carp fishing but depending on the venue I may use traditional US style. Ive learned a lot through CAG and have met a lot of great people I now consider great friends. All the best, Rob
  2. Awesome capture, congrats!
  3. Heres a couple Koi from a recent session: 9.12 New PB Koi 13lbs
  4. Heres 2 from a recent session: 27lb New PB Mirror 33.4lb
  5. Very nice, Congrats!!
  6. Watch were you point that thing:). Very nice Brian huge congrats!!
  7. Looong fish, very nice!!
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