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  1. I ordered the cheaper bivvy kit that includes the RTBV2 bivvy, the reclining chair w/ arms , & the bedchair that has the blanket & mosquito mesh, & I am very pleased w/ the kit! The bivvy is easy to set up, didn't even get phased by 30 + mph winds, & is very versatile! The bedchair rocks!, very comfy to sleep in, the blanket comes off via snaps so you can wash it! & the reclining chair is very comfortable!

    I am very happy w/ my order! The shipping on the whole kit was really affordable! I would highly recommend to anyone!

  2. I wish I would of seen this sooner Rodman, I am located about 30 minutes out of omaha and would of been happy to fish some of the hot venues around here w/ you!!! As for joe tesses, you cant get a better fish dinner anywhere, I was just there and ate(monthly family dinner there) & bought the joe tess "got Carp?" shirt and a couple of pins

  3. BTW

    I never knew you could get big cats on the fly....

    Thanks for the info, when it comes to catchin cat on the fly, it is very possible as I have caught them on a fly from my beely boat, they are an awseome fight on the fly rod, espicially from a belly boat. :D 8lber is my personal best on the fly, pulled me around the lake for a little while before landing him

  4. I was told that when common carp start 2 spawn that they wont bite during the time, but when it comes to buffalo carp they will still stay feeding :D is this true. Here is another question I have, I havent caught a buff yet, & my goal is to catch one this year, is there anything I can do to improve my chances of catching one???? any tips or changes I need to do would really be appreciated.


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