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  1. Yes, I'm from Fremont 30 miles away from omaha, there's 8 of us from this area. Where are you from in nebraska? We mainly fish Fremont , omaha, & surrounding area.
  2. Thanks guys, I'll have to give west side a call:)
  3. I was looking to buy a new pod, & was hoping to get the new fox stalker plus, I saw at one time wacker had them but they must of sold them as they are not listed anymore? Does anyone know where I may pick one up here in the states? Thanks
  4. Who do I get ahold of that's in charge of the store on here, I ordered some stuff & never have received it? Thanks Dave K.
  5. I ordered the cheaper bivvy kit that includes the RTBV2 bivvy, the reclining chair w/ arms , & the bedchair that has the blanket & mosquito mesh, & I am very pleased w/ the kit! The bivvy is easy to set up, didn't even get phased by 30 + mph winds, & is very versatile! The bedchair rocks!, very comfy to sleep in, the blanket comes off via snaps so you can wash it! & the reclining chair is very comfortable! I am very happy w/ my order! The shipping on the whole kit was really affordable! I would highly recommend to anyone!
  6. Thanks PMK, I usually have all my hookups on the lip area, I dont ever remember gut hooking one!!!
  7. It was nice to get out & fish again, w/ all the storm damage up here, we have been working very late to repair our customers hail & wind damage to their houses, so its sad to say that this was my first time out since 06/01/2008, but it was a good day!!!! I also caught 2 nice cats also!!!!
  8. I wish I would of seen this sooner Rodman, I am located about 30 minutes out of omaha and would of been happy to fish some of the hot venues around here w/ you!!! As for joe tesses, you cant get a better fish dinner anywhere, I was just there and ate(monthly family dinner there) & bought the joe tess "got Carp?" shirt and a couple of pins
  9. Thanks Jake!!! It feels pretty good to beat my old P.B., as you would know, looks like you have some pretty awesome P.B.s yourself!!
  10. Hello everyone! went out for a little while today, and caught one that broke my peronal best of 16 lbs., 12 oz. This one is 18lbs,12oz caught at victory lake, at the fremont lakes, in fremont, Nebraska on a home made strawberry birdseed boilie. Thanks for looking!!!! Dave K. (fremont, Neb)
  11. Thanks, Thats what i needed to know!!!
  12. I have a question, is the patch the club sends out in the membership pack an iron on or sew on patch???? Thanks
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