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  1. andrewdeeley what a place to angle at! great pics and catches Hi andrew the place is somewhere in the central part of mexico jijijijiji Thanks for comments Soon my full story here and more pics
  2. jajajajaja Its a good photo Mario Thanks everyone for the comments
  3. Hi I have now a lot of work but I want to share with you a few pics of this magic fishing trip. I'll write later a little of my expierence with this lake where I can fish my first all own catch
  4. Thanks everyone for comments Thanks Mario for all, was an incredible trip Very soon I post a photos
  5. Congrats Mario As always was a pleasure and honor could be there with you int hat amazing lake
  6. Congrat`s Luis It`s a beatiful beast
  7. Congratulations Jose Luiis It was a pleasure and honor could be there with you This a small piece of that great moment Ignacio
  8. Hi my friends I´mvery happy for the carp does Mario can fish last weekend and was a great pleasure could be there This is a small tribute to my carpfishing mentor Congratulations Mario ;
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