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  1. Just happened to reread this (almost 5 years later).

    Ollies doesn't always have everything, but I can usually find an 8 oz bottle of (imitation) vanilla for 99 cents.  The Anise - when they do have it - is in a smaller bottle (3 or 4 ounces ?) also for 99 cents, and it's in a green box, about 3" tall and 1-1/2" wide, in the same section with the vanilla and other flavors.

    I nearly ran out of anise -- couldn't find it at Ollie's for a while -- so when I did find it in stock again, I bought 4 or 5 bottles, just in case.

  2. 10 hours ago, Ken said:

    Nice pictures.

    Barry, Is that you feeding the vultures in your yard again?

    As I was walking to my swim, I saw about 50 of those vultures, sitting almost motionless, warming themselves in the morning sun.  They all left about an hour later, but returned as the clouds came in and the temperature started to drop.  I just snapped the other photo because of the jet trails through the clouds.  It came out much better than I imagined, through NO expertise of my own -- just a lucky shot. :) 

  3. On 12/22/2019 at 6:36 PM, Dale Holmes said:

    I find field corn (soaked in pond water for 24 hours) to be effective and inexpensive, $12.49 for 50 lb of whole corn at Tractor Supply. 


    I just bought 50# at Tractor Supply yesterday, and the price was less than $10.  So yes, that's always a good option.  So is cracked corn -- about the same price.  I soak mine for about a day, then boil it slowly for 1/2 hour.  Not sure that the boiling is necessary.

  4. Because the ongoing drought and unseasonable heat here in Georgia, the water level in West Point Lake has dropped to a point where the original venue at Ringer Park will be too shallow to fish.

    Two of our local members verified that just yesterday, so instead, they fished at "Crossroads", a location not far from Ringer Park, but which is in a deeper section of the lake.  Therefore, we will be moving the fish-in to Crossroads instead of holding it at Ringer Park.

    I understand that Crossroads has the added benefit of available shade, which we might appreciate if the weather remains warmer than usual.  However, it does not have other amenities (no restrooms or picnic facilities).  Reportedly, there is a store nearby (3/4 mile) with a public bathroom, and we will bring our own grill to cook the hot dogs.  I also understand that there will be sufficient bank space for at least 10 anglers within 50 yards of the boat ramp in one direction and within 100 yards in the other direction. 

    If anyone needs directions, please let me know, and I'll get them to you asap.

    Barry Shildneck  (bshildn@yahoo.com)

  5. Rice can also be an effective summertime pack bait, and it lasts a long time between sessions.  I've actually made rice pack that was still good the following year (but I wouldn't depend on that -- LOL).
    Most people make their rice with ketchup, but I prefer to use bottled or canned soft drinks, to eliminate the ketchup taste/smell.  Also by using the appropriate soft drink, you can enhance the primary flavor (for example, for strawberry rice, use strawberry soda).
    Most instant rice is sold in either a 14 or a 28 ounce box.  The recipe below is based on a 14 oz. box of rice, which is 'almost' 4 cups.  If you can find instant rice in a larger box, you can measure 4 cups and use this recipe.  Of course you can double or triple everything if you need more bait.  A few Walmart stores sell a really large box (60-70 ounces?) of Minute brand rice at a reasonable price -- about the same price per ounce as the Walmart brand.

    Instant Rice Packbait -- no ketchup
    4 Cups Instant Rice (14 ounce box)  --  I've had good results using both "name" and "store" brands of instant rice
    1/2 Cup Plain Salt (not iodized)
    1/2 cup Sugar (either granulated or powdered)
    Your - optional - (dry) flavor of choice, such as Kool Ade, or Jello, or spices.
    Mix together in bucket, including any dry flavors.
    12 ounces soft drink (with sugar - not 'diet').  It's best to match the main flavor if possible, or else to use something neutral (ginger ale, Sprite, Cream Soda) that won't over-power your primary flavor.
    Your - optional - (liquid) flavor of choice, such as carp bait flavors, Sno-cone syrup, milkshake flavor, kitchen flavorings, etc.
    (Mix any liquid flavors with the soft drink in a separate container)
    Add the soft drink, etc. to the bucket of rice, salt and sugar, and mix thoroughly (it will seem to be much too wet).  Be sure to stir everything up from the bottom to make sure it is all well-mixed.  Cover.  Let it set for at least 2 hours and mix again.  Most of the "excess" liquid should have been absorbed by now.   Repeat after another 2 hours.  Let set overnight.  Mix again and cover.  It should be OK to use -- but it will probably be even better after another 8-12 hours.  When it's ready, the bait will feel like rubber and will pack and cast easily.  But it will usually break in under a minute.

  6. I plan to participate in CAG's FFF 2019 -- if I can get out of the house for a few hours!  😎

    Your name:  Barry Shildneck
    Your CAG forum name:  (GA) Needmotime2fish
    Your state or province of residence:  Georgia
    The state or province of your FFF 2019 fishing venue:  South Zone -- Georgia

  7. GA Fall Fish-in -- Results

    On one hand, we had a great turnout -- our largest group in recent years.  Besides myself, we had our usual group, John, Tony, Dustin, Daniel and Tanya, and Bojan.  We were happy that David and Lance were able to make it again this year after missing the last several fish-ins.  Lance also brought his son, Wylie and Wylie's friend, Riley.  We were also joined by another fine young carp angler, Jesse, whose dad drove him 90 miles to fish with us.

    Unfortunately, the weather would not cooperate.  This is a fairly shallow lake that fishes much better under cooler conditions.  But this weekend, we faced unseasonably hot weather for early Fall, with temperatures still in the 90s.  At the same time last year, the weather had been much cooler for at least two weeks.  No such luck this time.
    The carp also refused to cooperate.  John and I arrived on Friday to pre-bait and to fish. After pre-baiting, I managed to catch one small common (along with 4 turtles).  When we all fished on Saturday, I managed one more small common fairly early, but the rest of the day, there was only one more carp landed.  While Dustin was packing up his gear and in the parking lot, he had a run on one of his rods, which Bojan caught for him.  Those were the only two carp caught all day.  Of course the results were disappointing, but given the unseasonably hot  weather, none of us were really surprised.

    We've had better days there, and I expect we will again.   The lake has traditionally fished well in the spring, so I'm sure we'll try again next April, before the weather gets hot again.





  8. Great!  Looking forward to finally meeting you in person.  🙂

    For your information -- and for anyone else who wants more info (about the fish-in, the park, directions to the park, or local restaurants & motels) -- here's my email address:


    Don't hesitate to email me.  

    --  Barry

  9. The first day of Fall is Saturday, September 22nd, so let's have a fish-in.

    Salacoa Creek Park, Ranger, GA (Gordon County).

    As usual, I'll be there on Friday to pre-bait (and to fish).  So if anybody wants to join me a day early, please do.

    If anyone wants more details or directions to the park, PM me -- or email me (bshildn@yahoo.com).

    I'll probably post updates as the date gets closer.

  10. I'm sure that there are a few of us here in Georgia who would attend at least one TN fish-in - if not more - particularly if the venue is in eastern TN -- or maybe central.

    Interstate 75 provides fairly easy access to a number of  possible venues on the Tennessee River system, and I-24 opens up several others to the west (e.g., Nickajack, Tim's Ford) that are from 2-1/2 to 3-1/2 hours from the Atlanta area.

  11. PLEASE NOTE !!!   The GEORGIA SPRING 2018 FISH-IN has been cancelled (or postponed ?) until further notice.

    With a light turnout already expected, plus a very unfavorable weather forecast that would have deterred some of the few who had planned to come, I decided to cancel the event for now.   If and when I find a new date, I will post it here and on the CAG Facebook page.

  12. Location:  Salacoa Creek Park, Ranger, GA  (Gordon County)

    Date:  Saturday, May 5, 2018       Time:   Park opens at 7:00 AM

    Everyone is welcome, both CAG members as well as guests.  But please let me know if you plan to attend.  I'll be cooking hot dogs for lunch, and it helps to know how many people to plan for.  THANKS!

    The carp fishing here is usually pretty good in the spring.  Although the fish average on the small side, there are plenty of them in the lake -- including lots of mirrors.  However, we do sometimes catch a few double-digit carp, and a 20 pound fish is caught now and then (but those are rare).

    I hope to see you there!

  13. For details, please click on the event posted on the CAG Calendar on May 05

    This will again be held at Salacoa Creek Park, located in Gordon County in northwestern Georgia.  It is not a competition, it's a "fish for fun" event, and everyone is welcome.  You do not need to be a CAG member to attend.

    The location, just 11 miles off I-75, makes it possible for anglers from parts of several other nearby states to attend if they wish (just remember that a valid GA license is required to fish -- available online).  

    If you have any questions, PM me through this Forum or email me at  bshildn@yahoo.com   I hope to see you there.

  14. I sent mine several hours ago.   I pretty much used your letter, but added a few comments of my own, including -- where you said, "Where you find trophy sized carp you will invariably find trophy sized bass, pike, walleye and other species.", I added as an example of carp and other species co-existing well, that a few years ago there was a new TN state record largemouth bass caught in Chickamauga Lake, part of the Tennessee River that has long been recognized as trophy carp water.  

    I also said that some day I hoped to "be able to cite the new CT regulation (as it exists) to the legislators in my own state, as an example of a reasonable, fair-minded, and forward-thinking regulation".

  15. See  http://georgiawildlife.com/fishing/anglerawards  for full details about the Georgia Angler Awards program.

    I know that many of you, myself included, don't really care much about being "officially recognized" for catching a good fish.  For me it's mostly just a matter of personal satisfaction when (if) everything comes together, and I manage to catch a nice carp now & then.

    HOWEVER -- as Iain recently pointed out to me, if more and more carp anglers would report their catches of carp through their state awards program, perhaps the state agencies would take notice, and then they might start paying more attention when one of us makes a request or a suggestion.

    Many states have awards programs that include carp.  Here in GA, a "kept" (killed) carp must weigh 15 pounds to be entered.  But the program also allows RELEASED fish to be entered, and carp -- both commons and grass carp -- need only measure 31" to qualify for an award.  

    The web link above gives complete details and also has a link to the official entry form.

    While I do encourage you to enter your fish -- if only to help demonstrate to the DNR that Georgia does have a large contingent of carp anglers -- I would also suggest that you be careful that the photographs you submit do not give away the location.  You never know when the bowfishers might be checking those pictures to look for new spots to shoot.

  16. 3 hours ago, Cannonball said:

    I used to have a customer in Chandler, AZ.  Didn't fish for carp then.  Look at how much time I have wasted in the 15 years!  Like to see what is in your fly box.

    John -- I'm texting you a photo of a "grass fly" that a guy I met on the bank was using to catch grass carp at a local pond.  

    He noticed the grassers slurping blown-in grass on the surface when the maintenance guys were mowing near the bank, so he tied a fly that resembles a few blades of grass.

  17. 12 hours ago, Cannonball said:

    I just made contact with a fellow who fly fishes for carp here in Tennessee.  We are planning on getting together this year to put some gold in the net by using the skinny stick.  Stand by for photos and all the details!

    I was carping at Lake Lanier several years ago when I met a fly-fishing guide and his client who were chasing carp in some of the coves near the spot I was fishing.  During our conversation, he mentioned that he sometimes competes in fly-fishing carp tournaments on several rivers in TN.  Maybe your contact is involved with that same group of anglers.

  18. 8 hours ago, possum said:

    Very nice! I got Georgia on my mind!

    Was stationed in Georgia in the Army, loved the place!

    Georgia has changed a lot since I first came here in 1965 for college.  But then again, what hasn't changed in 50+ years? :P

    You should come back down for a visit sometime.  It's "only" about a 600 mile trip to Atlanta from Morgantown.

    Seriously, if you ever do plan to come down this way, let me know.  Maybe Cannonball (the new TN state chair) and I can plan a joint fish-in. 

  19. On 12/8/2017 at 2:35 PM, team sorano said:

    I can't wait to try these boilies.  banana anise.  They smell amazing. I am sure this combo will catch fish in the us.  Picked them up at tacklebox. 

    Strangely enough, I've never done very well with banana flavors.  I know it's popular, even with "old school" guys who used to make dough balls with Wheaties and ripe bananas.  But for me, I just don't have confidence in it.  I have several bottles of banana flavoring (Rotten Banana, Banana-Banana, Ripe Banana), and have used them in both boilies and pack baits, but rarely with any success.
    Regardless, Banana-Anise -- sounds like an interesting combination, so I definitely plan to make some Banana-Anise boilies.   Why not -- it's probably worth another shot!  So maybe I'll do better next time!!! 


  20. Your name:  Barry Shildneck
    Your CAG forum name:  "needmotime2fish"
    Your state or province of residence:  Georgia
    The state or province of your FFF 2018 fishing venue, if it differs from your residence:   Georgia
    Junior (17 or under as of 1/1/18)?:  Nope  (17 x 4, plus a few more)

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