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  1. Locked out of the forum. So long and tight lines to everyone

  2. I actually go fly fishing here in the UK and have never used one of these items on salmon or trout. Could you give me an idea as to why they are used. Over here we even did away with an item called a pike gag, a spring type gadget to keep a pikes mouth open whilst unhooking.
  3. Phone!, Phone, wake up, WAKE UP..... you've fallen asleep at the computer again and been dream typing
  4. Over here in the UK, the teams draw for a peg and are allowed to fish the area of water in front of them and within a designated area to prevent crossing into othere teams areas. I should imagine that comps over there are run on roughly the same lines.
  5. Paulw

    Ground bait

    You can use a variety of different oils such as fish oil,peanut (groundnut) sesame oil....available from chinese food stores, sunflower oil, vegetable oil or you could go foor the spcialist types of ils from an angling supplies but these will cost you more of your hard earned.
  6. I know over here, UK, we don't get as much as you guys but it is really beginning to get to us now , most of the lakes here have had a lid on since December so no fishing ........... thank god for global warming eh!
  7. Take a look at this site Some excellent pattern for surface fishing.
  8. This is the way I was describing earlier, cheap, easy and safe. This set up can be used to give you the "semi fixed" bolt rig effect but with the use of swivel weights, also good antitangle properties due to the "stand off" effect of the tube.
  9. If you are using inline leads, use a short lenght of stiff rig tude through the lead, you may have to open up the hole throught the centre a little. On the end ot the tube slide on a snug fitting piece of rudder tube. Thread your main line through the tude with the rubber at the bottom, away from the rod, tie on your hook link swiveland then lightly push the rubber tube over the swivel loop that the main line is tied to, dont go too far on. This will act in the place of the lead clips, and is safer as the rubber pulls off the swivel in the event of a snapoff very easily. Some of the lead clips
  10. powdered egg will indeed cost more than fresh eggs, but they also contain a higher percentage of protien than fresh ones, don't figure. Use dried egg at the rate of 0.5 - 2oz per ten oz of dry mix. Glueten at the rate of 1-3oz per ten oz The mix that you originally said you were going to use is fairly low in the protien content as semolina, corn flour and rice flour only contain approx 8% protien.
  11. Take care when shrinking the tube as some types of braid are effected by heat and this can cause a weak spot in the hook link. Try to keep the heat at a temp that will just cause the tube to shrink, hot water is useful with some braids.
  12. Phone Did I forget to mention that the green lasers are attached to this
  13. If you are having trouble at night with water fowl use a green laser pointer, pass the beam across the water and it will scare the little buggers away, without hurting them. It must be green, the red ones don't seem to have the same effect.
  14. Oh! how I wish i lived in a place where this happens, over here in the UK we have been using boilies for so long that virtually every species will havea go at them, imagine how annpying it is to find an 8oz silver fish on the end of your line after winding in, with an 18mm bait on the hair.
  15. Take a look at this link,I know that it is a UK site, but I'm ot sure how many authors there are in the States that write about carp fishing. (I also realise that not all the books listed are carp fishing)
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