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  1. Fished Lakeside Cottages myself, Mike and Eileen are wonderful hosts and will do their best to put you onto some fish. Here is a thread about my trip. http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?/topic/45358-some-kawartha-carp/
  2. Not sure if i have anything to get rid of, but i certainly wouldn't mind possibly picking up a few things.
  3. Thanks for doing this show every year, i look forward to it. Always a pleasure to get together with you guys.
  4. Hopefully I will be able to make it out to this one.
  5. I'm with Ben, works perfect on my Xbox 360.
  6. Let me know when, I'll be there! This time with the euro gear and some delicious method.
  7. Wind in our faces, but it was well worth it! First time trying the puff, too bad i ran out of bread, i know for next time. Also found myself snacking on them the other day, surprised how tasty they were. Thanks for letting me use your gear Mark.
  8. Always got that place on the back of my mind, but that walk up is a killer with hardly any gear, scared I'm not make it back up with my carp stuff lol.
  9. I bought a plastic rubbermaid garbage container for my dry corn, i keep it outside all year with 0 problems. None has rotted or molded and no bug problems with it, the lid isn't air tight but it is tight enought to keep the bugs out it seems. Mine holds about 100lbs and does hold up to being carried with that amount of weight in it.
  10. Thanks everyone! Havnt had much luck finding the lumps, so the past few sessions been fishing for some smaller but much prettier fish. That's also the second fully scaled mirror ive pulled out of that small pond, so who knows what else is lurking around in there.
  11. Got this little beauty fishing a single piece of fluroglo maize over a bed of pigeon mix, hemp and sweetcorn.
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