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Carpfishing is my passion for over 45 years now,..self educated carp angler, building most of my own gear, rods and nets. Ex board member of the Dutch Carp Study Group. First visit to Canada 1978, started exploring for Canadian carp since 1987,on a yearly basis..made my way down from Gananogue to Upper Canada Islands [the Parkway as it's called nowadays] Left there as soon as I saw the first other carpangler. Dutch friends brought me a copy of Big Carp magazine with Paul Cunts,sorry Hunts 'adventures', promoting Bernie Haynes. Fished France from 1989 until 1995 too until I was utterly disgusted about the 'scene' and decided to concentrate on Canada. Never went back to the Long Sault area either. I guess you would call me a loner.
Escaped the Euro madness 15 years ago and I don't even fish for carp in Europe anymore since.

I do it my way!

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