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  1. Very nice Rob. Those pics don't look like they were caught in long Island or Central Park :D Merry Christmas
  2. Nice going Norm. What a way to end the year. Couldn't happen to a nicer person
  3. Capt Very nice.Can't get over the color of them fish. Looks like you been having a great year.
  4. Got out again this week. A couple of fish were caught but not by me. I was fishing when John show up to fish he works the midnight shift. He got 2 that went about 12-15lb. He doesn't hold them. Here he is unhooking one Good weather. Now I will go back to work. No more time off. Hope you enjoy. Can't wait for next year. He show up to fish also. So I took his pic. Every time I edit the last pic. out. It still keeps showing up I don't know why.
  5. Very nice looking site to fish. Congrates on the grassy. But one question Rachel is were are the colors in the leaves on the trees? I thought leaves change colors now. LOL.
  6. I went fishing for carp this evening. It's been along time since I been out fishing. As I was sitting there enjoying the view I took a few pics. Here they are As the sun was setting I got 1 run but I missed hooking it. I was using the PREFESSA pack bait with strawberry flavor. Thanks Joe for posting your bait. Also thanks to Mr BIG and HAMMERCARP I was using your paylake set ups. I still got a lot to learn coming from dough balls.
  7. He was provably going to take it home to eat or sell it.There is no reason for being rude. But we need to watch are attitude when it comes to people eating carp,catfish or trout. I have eaten all the above at one time or another. Were I live people still do. We need to watch out that we don't look down are noises at them. I have seen this done with fly fisherman for trout. One thing that I am differently do not like is SELLING them OR BEING RUDE WHEN PEOPLE ask a question. The reason for that answer is that we are suppose to be sportsman or women. Just My 2 Cents
  8. Capt. That was one off the best stories I read in a long time. That story brought back when I went fishing with my grandpa and caught 2 bass with him. That was back in the early 60es. Since I haven't been out fishing but only once this year it was a pleasure to read. Also like Hammercarp said up here in NewEngland it's cold and just stop raining. So it was great to see all those smiling faces.
  9. Nice going. YOU WILL NEVER FORGET THAT DAY. Congrats
  10. Those are some great looking pics. Horace. Even the color on the carp sure something.
  11. Sorry to see that place all dried up. That what it's starting to look like up here in Connecticut. We both need rain real bad. Glad you caught something.
  12. Horce and Tim Are 2 guys sure you ain't pro carpers under disguise as retired Gentlemen? Glad to see that you 2 are having a great time Horce I thought that face book was for the younger generation. OH I forgot the video says you 2 are like 15 year olds. Great story and video
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