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  1. I like this video. Thanks for posting it.
  2. Nope, I got one of them too. He fried with me for 13 hrs. yesterday (Bubba you rock!)~ we both blanked, not a single run. It was a fun session, but I greatly appreciate the airconditioning I'm in now. "Yankee transplant"lol Looking at weather patters now on Weather Bug and I may start trying some sessions between the hours of 1AM-7/8AM. Phone: What tackle are you using for buffs?
  3. There are people like Jason J. here in TX that target "only" buffalo and catch them on purpose while not persuing carp. Does he catch carp too? Not sure. Yes, buffalo have become quite popular "target" fish in Texas recently (5 yrs). Not sure who "the best" is yet, but I believe it's a guy from Houston who never posts on forums. Some guys went fishing with him at Emma and took many pictures that they posted on TFF. I don't think he was using "Euro" tackle either. I can't speak for anyone else but the fishing has been much tougher for me this year in TX,many long sessions and not much to show for it. It seems to have been raining much more this year than the last two years also. I'm sun cooked and tired of lugging rear.
  4. You make some good points. If it was sweeter than I thought, then I will have to locate a chemist, and I know of one on our TFF board. I have consulted with Jason J. and look forward to more to come from him. As for rigs (yes mine are not short enough or properly balanced) for targeting buffalo. You are right, because I'm a carp angler. (I got my baptism in Euro long ago, it's how I spell everything) but I can be open minded and explore again. For years I've been lurking, provoking answers, getting "it" all together, weeding out the bs, to get to the roots. Sometimes I feel God is the master angler and he keeps me fully aware of that. I feel I've been around long enough to understand what you say without you coming out and saying it. The buffalo anglers have gone further than the pop-up here, they are educated. Rigs are getting better too, but still lean toward being newer UK carpy-adaptations. Eventually better American rigs will be invented. Texans may be at the start of something. They usually are. But the brains are everywhere.
  5. I seem to have the reverse curse. Guess it just happens that way sometimes. So for you sweet fruit flavors (banana) you wouldn't use for carp? I ask because I'm looking for techniques unlike what you do for carp fishing. I guess you mean you are more likely to catch the buffs on those but still use them for carp? If buff are your curses should I suppose you do target buffalo, that they are your incidental catch?
  6. I know many of you catch buffalo using carp techniques. Some say there are buffalo techniques unlike the techniques used for carp. I would like to know what techniques are unique to buffalo vs carp, not what techniques are the same or similar. So please don't debate similar or different and try to stay on topic. I have never caught a buffalo while targeting carp and I've been "Euro Carping" for 17yrs, so you may see how this perplexes me. (Why haven't I caught a buffalo while targeting carp). BFS0078 is a good witness, he would land buffalo at his honey hole and I would be right there next to him, landing only carp. Same thing happens to me at Emma, catfish, carp and no buffalo, in that order. It's been stated by a fellow angler that carp run off the buffalo. I has crossed my mind that I can quickly bring in the teen-twenty# carp fairly quickly, greatly reducing my chances of catching buffalo. But I'm hoping there is more light to this subject.
  7. Bud Y, Mike K, Nigel G & throw in Gilbert H for some good fried chicken ;-)
  8. Who were they can you get any pics? How about Missys & Enriques 40s are there any pics floating around? Scott O?? Val???
  9. He guys. I know some of you have been to Austin and some of you my have yor PBs from there. I'm making a list on TFF of the Top 20 Texas Caught Common Carp and would like anyone who can enter a qualifying photo and weight to enter. Here's the link Top 20 Texas Caught Common Carp Please go to the link to post weight and picture. edited 4 spelling error
  10. Sites are first come first serve basis "only". They do not accept reservations and you must set up a tent, camper or the like for overnight stays. I suppose you may be aware of this but just in case you weren't. May join y'all myself. spelling edit.
  11. Great pictures guys, love the Mirrors.
  12. On the whole it was a great weekend, with lots of well-meaning people. The kids were great, getting their hands dirty, by helping to mix the ground bait and learning how keep from making it too wet or dry. They cast out my rods, reeled them in and even nettted the carp. All I had to do was smile. For the most part it's always good, just the occasional a$$hole.
  13. Have you ever come across this? Your out having a great weekend of carp fishing. Landing a carp every hour or so. Then a guy comes along and makes his best attempt at striking up a conversation with you,next he tells you about where there are these "Huge Carp" and how you shouldn't be releasing the carp you are currently catching. Which I just released a #25 and a #32. Then he goes on to giving you advice on how to catch carp "old school" and then recommends gigging and BF. Any attempt at trying to educate this fella is just a wasted breath,as he just wants to hear himself talk. Next weekend I would put up a sign saying questions $1, comments $10, but I meet so many younger people that like the Euro tackle I use and actually get their hands dirty making my ground bait with me, and catching a carp or two. Some of the woman who come across my path ask questions too. After a few questions they actually see that I am having a great time and it makes them miserable. WTF?
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