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  1. How do we know our expiration date? The new member package is Awesome!
  2. It'll be tough to top that hat! Congrats on an AWESOME spring. I'll be headed back up next month
  3. GREAT write up, really enjoyed it!
  4. part 2 of the video with the big fish. <iframe width="640" height="390" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/3tGeKY2Lc_0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  5. st lawrence video part 1 <iframe width="640" height="390" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/e2KBWrIlfQI" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  6. An awesome trip that will not be forgotten. I'll add the video later, its a good one! Thanks again to Steve for the invite, it was a blast!
  7. great accomplishment, the stakes keep getting higher and higher in Ct the look on the bass fishermans and DEC officers face when he showed them the pictures this weekend was AWESOME!
  8. now thats a WORKOUT! congrats on a haulin vacation!
  9. looks like you guys had a great trip!
  10. yesssir, even the battery was returned. NOTHING keeps me from carp fishing lol
  11. these pictures give me nightmares lol
  12. It was a great weekend and will be talked about around the campfire for years to come. The crew settled into game plans each day and set them into motion without a hitch. The best plan was to set out marker bouys in the backyard at the house. We made them out of water bottles, mono and pyrimad sinkers and they worked like a charm. The campground plan was one that started 3 monthes ago. I had picked the campground out based on access to deep water as well as a backwater bay, a great area for this time of year up there. I had never heard of anybody carp fishing there, and neither had the c
  13. thats a good day guys, good to see jeff back at it!
  14. it was one for the books, I'll add some stuff when I have a few minutes to sit down
  15. yes, unless I hear from someone that the park opens before then. I'd prefer to get there earlier but if the gates closed, the gates closed.
  16. Teriyaki chicken and steak skewers.............check Highland park gourmet potato salad.............check beautiful weather..............................check see you all tomorrow!
  17. Great post! SUPER SUPER JEALOUS of the carp lodge!
  18. Looks like a very special place! that is one of the NICEST looking koi I have ever seen.
  19. we'll "catch" you on the next one jerome. Heres some park information, as far as I know, the park doesn't charge an entry fee before memorial day. I sent an email to the dep last week, but haven't heard back from them yet. park information
  20. Good to hear tom, macaroni salad, chips, whatever ya like. Looks like half a dozen definites. Will be there bright and early waiting for the gate to open, see you guys there.
  21. This Sunday may 22nd ct will be holding its housatonic river fish in at Indian wells state park. The park opens at 8am and closes at dusk. If attending please try to arrive early so we can reserve the bank space we need. This is part fish in, part picnic, so bring something for the grill or a sidedish. There is an entry fee for day use of the park, 9 dollars for residents, 15 for non residents. The fee is per car, so carpool if you can. The fish in information has been posted on ctfisherman.com so we will most likely have some new carpers attending to see what it is we do. Will post spe
  22. well done norm, keep at em!
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