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  1. From all reports this was a fun event with about a dozen anglers braving the rain Friday night...fishing wasn't bad and the lunch served up saturday afternoon was great. Great job in hosting and a big thanks to the Northeast Ohio anglers. Here's a link to some of the pictures. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.735826733210827&type=1
  2. I kept detailed logs for several years. But nowadays I'm very laid back...just photos of friends/scenery/couple of fish...don't worry about other details except River level/flow if fishing a river. My photos get filed in folders on my PC...ie year/month/venue or event.
  3. Is there a plan to reach out to the many other C&R Carp organizations that aren't CAG affiliated? Common causes often bring folks back together?....at least opens door for conversations and shows CAG as a leading organization.
  4. It also went public as soon as it was posted here.
  5. I'm sure the bow fishermen in the local area have already gathered their support.
  6. I wasn't aware they were looking for proposals...just support of their local proposal that they came up with.
  7. Note: many Ohio communities have bans on bowfishing on all waters within village/city limits based on safety reasons alone.
  8. Hope we don't get all wrapped up in "how to" and not get done what has been requested. The Mayor already appears to be making the proposal and having done so is just looking for our support. ****************** To Whom it may concern, As a long time carp angler and one who has enjoyed the trophy carp in your area, I fully support Mayor Janet Otto-Cassada's proposal of Catch and Release carp fishing in your area. I've seen such great joy in faces, young and old, fishing the St Lawrence carp and know of many carp anglers who have your location on their "Bucket List" to fish for carp. SIGNED ***
  9. Repeats Tuesday 4-4:30 am, Wednesday 12-12:30 pm
  10. Has the Mayor already written a proposal? If so, can we possibly see it so our letters and/or petition more closely align in support.
  11. Just finished watching it, good show.
  12. Tomorrow on SPCHN, 2-2:30 pm, Larysa Unleashed... Larysa Switlyk and last year's Team USA Captain Patrick Crawford. After last year's WCC in Italy travel and carp fish in France. TWC channel 331 in Columbus, Ohio area. She has also fished the ATC in Austin and Captained the recent WCC Jr. TeamUSA of the Pass brothers.
  13. Here's the Indiana CAG schedule, they're also on CAG Forum Calendar
  14. Sponsors already on board for the 2nd annual Hooked on autism carp tournament. •Westside Bait-n-Tackle •World Classic Bait •Carpoholic anonymous magazine •Jug Buster flavors •Lee Young •Scott Ferguson with shirts from UncommonCommon.com •Robert Bradley with Bradley carp baits •Brian Wingard •Gilbert Huxley Rods •Billy DeHaven Indy Lakes •Wild Carp Companies •Fish Fighters •Marukyu Bait
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