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  1. Is there a plan to reach out to the many other C&R Carp organizations that aren't CAG affiliated? Common causes often bring folks back together?....at least opens door for conversations and shows CAG as a leading organization.
  2. It also went public as soon as it was posted here.
  3. I'm sure the bow fishermen in the local area have already gathered their support.
  4. I wasn't aware they were looking for proposals...just support of their local proposal that they came up with.
  5. Note: many Ohio communities have bans on bowfishing on all waters within village/city limits based on safety reasons alone.
  6. Hope we don't get all wrapped up in "how to" and not get done what has been requested. The Mayor already appears to be making the proposal and having done so is just looking for our support. ****************** To Whom it may concern, As a long time carp angler and one who has enjoyed the trophy carp in your area, I fully support Mayor Janet Otto-Cassada's proposal of Catch and Release carp fishing in your area. I've seen such great joy in faces, young and old, fishing the St Lawrence carp and know of many carp anglers who have your location on their "Bucket List" to fish for carp. SIGNED **************** We used to joke in the Army, mainly because it was true , that there was a big difference in officers and NCO's. Example: Commander would say "I want everyone to dig foxholes." The officers would have 3 staff meetings on all aspects of digging foxholes...when they finally decided to issue the order, the NCO's already had it done.
  7. Has the Mayor already written a proposal? If so, can we possibly see it so our letters and/or petition more closely align in support.
  8. WTG Craig !!!! Thanks for stepping up.
  9. Great news, long time Ohio CAG member, Craig Welch (Cypry) has stepped up to be be the new Ohio state chair. Great hands to pass the torch to. I feel very good about this, thanks so much Craig.
  10. No problem on filling out. My only question is does it really help for out of state.anglers to answer this? They ask, on purpose, to weed out non resident replies, questions to determine residency. If they wanted everybodys they wouldn't ask such questions. Anyhow, I did fill it out.
  11. For our newer members, some History trivia...we can't name it that now for obvious reasons, but our original newsletter "North American Carp Angler" evolved to the present day NACA. It was quite the journey to watch it unfold.
  12. I'm All for it .... Several in Ohio, young and old, don't do Internet at all...or at least very often. Thus they don't even see the NACA
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