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  1. If you are looking for small to medium size fish you could try some of the small ponds in Boston along the Muddy River or if you have transport you could try Institute Park Pond in Worcester. It contains some very cute mirror carp - up to a few pounds in weight - that would likely be good fun to target by float fishing.


  2. Dear CAG directors and members

    It is with some regret that I find it necessary to step down from my position as MA State Chair. Due to a combination of increasing work and family commitments I no longer find myself with sufficient spare time to continue. I will of course remain both a member and supporter of CAG.........but no longer in an official capacity.

    Iain Murray (redcoat).



  3. On 5/26/2018 at 2:05 PM, Philip nathan said:

    Ok. Here is the map. No this is not an idea, it is not in the air it is the rules. I believe a question was asked and it was answered at the outset. I am about to re-post the map



    I'm not seeing the map? Just a bunch of numbers and letters..........76e2bce3.................etc.


  4. Hi Jason

    Hope all goes well with you. I know that no carp were caught at Spy Pond for Jerome's Fish-In for the last two years.

    You might be better off trying the Muddy River outflow where it enters the Charles River or Leverett Pond instead. You should be able to put your friend onto a few fish there. Slightly further away is Lake Quannapowitt in Wakefield. The Merrimack River still has some extra water in it but may be an option before too long..........assuming no more heavy rainfall!


  5. Clifford crop2.jpg

    Clifford with an upper teen.


    Charlie crop.jpg


    Charlie DeMayo playing his fish while brother Franky waits with the net.

    Charlie crop2.jpg


    Charlie's fish.


    2016 medal winners crop.jpg


    Franky & Charlie DeMayo with silver and bronze medals, respectively, Awarded for catching the second- and third-largest carp caught at a CAG Fish-In during 2016.

    I look forward to both of you catching much bigger ones in 2017!


  6. Prebaiting is done......from just upstream of the rocks on the left hand side to the "Tarzan" rope swing on the right hand side. I saw several fish rolling close to shore when I arrived.

    Note that the water level is about a foot higher than normal due to recent rain.....and the banks are pretty muddy and slippery in places.  With this in mind, I would advise bringing waterproof footwear.

    See you tomorrow.


  7. On 7/3/2017 at 9:40 PM, redcoat said:

    Participant List

    1. Redcoat

    2. Franky

    3. Greg........maybe?

    Mmm. I'm not exactly sensing a great deal of enthusiasm for this event so far. :lol:

    That's not a problem........but if anyone else IS thinking of turning out on Saturday please let me know so I have an idea of how many spots tI need to prebait.

    I will be there rain-or-shine.


  8. 14 minutes ago, Jerome said:

    Better keep exact details to Private Messages. I'm sure Redcoat will help you figure it out.

    As a side note, Redcoat has this uncanny ability to schedule fish-ins at exact times when I am traveling... So have fun, you all, but I will not be there.

    HaHa......you don't fool me Jerome. Only you would fly all the way to Ecuador to avoid getting your butt kicked on the bank!! :lol:


    p.s. Marine Iguanas don't count..........they are a protected species!

  9. Venue: Merrimack River, Riverview Boulevard, Methuen, MA.

    Time: I plan to be there at first light but show up earlier or later as you wish.

    I will do a little prebaiting earlier in the week to encourage the fish to be in the area on the day. If Members plan to attend please sign up on this thread so I can decide how long a stretch of bank I should prebait. Participants from the New England area........or any other State for that matter......are welcome. Hope to see you on the 15th.



  10. Hi Franky

    You are correct that nothing has been organized in MA. Due to circumstances beyond my control I have been unable to find time to set something up so far. How about Saturday 15th July at the Methuen venue?

    I will try to do a little prebaiting in advance.


  11. Personally I'm done with trying and failing to get past the captcha step and getting a message claiming that "a person of that name is already registered on the leaderboard"

    It's not like I need any prizes  - in the unlikely event that I catch owt -  I'll just post my pics on a Forum thread. :lol:


  12. Keith


    Looks like a smart move having Jerome and I at the top of the list.

    Will cut down on some of that pesky editing after the event!! :P

    I've heard the "Can't beat the locals!" refrain many a time.........but here in MA there are clubs where folks pay good money for exactly that sort of thing. :titanic:


  13. On 1/6/2017 at 0:11 PM, Jerome said:

    That is a very cool summary of nearly *everything* that happened! Thank you for doing that, it is indeed important to capture those memories.

    And for the record, I caught more fish than Iain (~20 against ~15), let's be really clear about that, I have a full photo album to prove it! B)

    Also "for the record" I feel obligated to point out that Jerome is being a tad "economical" with the truth here!

    It must have slipped his mind during our rather frantic session but he neglected to mention that we did weigh another fish in addition to his "baby" award winner. Modesty precludes me from reminding him of the precise weight..........so let's just say that it would have garnered a certificate! :P:wub:


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