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  1. Though Id share this video, really enjoying this guy MrCesarfish stuff on youtube, Carp,Bass,Pike and Barbel in Spain.Heading over to try it in October (im in Scotland and its only a few hours flight) Some nice tying vids too, well worth a look- All the best Colin
  2. Thanks for the replies guys. Now Blackfoot reservoir looks really interesting and Ive started reading of other good Carp in the area. Never been out West before Im now looking into doing a road trip from LA or Vegas up to Idaho.Maybe 2/3 days drive up, 3 days fishing then take 2/3 days to drive back another route- so much to see over there. Will report on what happens....
  3. Hi All Im looking for suggestions for a trip within the USA in May. I shall be in Florida till May 13th then have a week free which I would like to spend Carping. Ive been to Lake Michigan before and would love to go up there again but I think its a little to early in the season for MI. So anyone any Ideas on where I might find good Carp sight fishing Mid May? Many thanks Colin
  4. Well done MrP Superb video, great way to share your knowledge. "Shopper" is a new term for me -love it! I think these vids need to be pinned at the top of the forum,mods? Colin
  5. Hi Guys Just a short report to say I stayed in Cordells cottage for 3 nights and fished 2 days with him last week before heading to the Keys. Did not manage to land a Grass Carp but came very close when I struck too fast and pulled my Ficus Berry fly out of the mouth of an easy 20lber.We fished canals and Lakes from shore and kayaks caught Large mouths, Peacocks and a few other Tropicals. Cordell is a great guy and I really recommend anyone with a day to kill in the miami area hooking up with him, he
  6. Cheers Dave Have sent Cordell an email, looks great. Colin
  7. Hi Lads Thanks for all the input, Ive now found the article that set this seed in my mind.I was wrong its Ficus fruit not Hibiscus, very good read If anyone wants to join me in May you now know where I"ll be- By SUSAN COCKING scocking@MiamiHerald.com Andy Mill, retired host of a cable television fishing show, fly-fishing tournament champion and Olympic skier, kneels on a dirty asphalt path beside a canal that runs east-west between Griffin Road and Orange Drive in Davie. It's hard to cast a fly rod from the kneeling position, but this Boca Raton angler does it anyway
  8. Now Im confused ,I thought this was the fly section? Will take a look. Cheers
  9. Cheers Phone Had not thought about the access issue, I thought the canals round Miami had public access.Must look into where I can fish some more. Im a flyguy so wont be bringing any bait over, I had read they eat the berries down there and fly fishers tie flies to imitate them. this is just a bit of fun after my Tarpon trip, will report my results. Cheers Colin
  10. Hi Im going Tarpon fishing in the Keys second half of May, will have a few days free in the Miami area afterwards. I fancy trying for Grass Carp in the canals, does anyone have any experience? I read an article about Andy Mill catching them on Hibiscus Berry imitations, but Ive never seen a Hibiscus berry! Can anyone tell me what size/shape/colour they are so I can tie up something that might work? Many Thanks Colin (Scotland)
  11. Thought id post this link as some folks may not have heard of this great fly- As with most great flies its simple but uses materials in a clever way, invented by flyfishing genius Jack Gartside who we sadly lost last year. Enjoy Colin
  12. Hmmmm yes it is chumming and not my scene . Just to explain a little -Carp are so popular in the UK that most fishing is on stocked ponds and lakes, some are dug and landscaped for the sole purpose of Carp angling. These waters are heavily fished and Carp are caught many times in thier life.Big ones are even given names! Prebaiting your swim to get Carp feeding is the norm and lots of clever methods and endless bait cocktails are used. As a result the fish seldom eat natural food at such waters and they get
  13. Hi Lee I guess I was unluckly with my Lamson- looks like youve given yours more testing than I would ever manage ! I take back my coments and will perhaps give them another try, very light reels as you say. Cheers Colin
  14. Few Lamson guys on here- but as my Carp tackle doubles up for Bonefish I wouldnt touch them.Very poor in the salt and for some reason they change thier range every year.Last I heard they were having reels made in Eastern Europe but that may have moved to China. Tibor, Bauer and Abel are the best built US reels IMHO, I like Bauer for lighter stuff and Tibors for heavy stuff. Cheers Colin
  15. For Carp- Loomis GLX rods and a light reel Bauer rouge is my favourite at the moment.
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