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  1. Try that up here this time of the year, just make sure she has a good life insurance policy first. Otherwise, go with a bait boat.
  2. As usual when it comes to carp fishing, when in doubt, get them all , which is probably what I'll do.
  3. Leaning towards the cyber shot, as I've had some minor shoulder pain in the past, as well as RSI in my wrist. For the most part, my boilies are quite round, as they are rolled with the gardner tables. Must they be perfectly round in order to fly? Was also thinking about a mini or midi spomb, don't need the giant one, as I don't have a spod rod /reel, so a bit heavy on the wallet. Has it's advantages and disadvantages... Possibly both mini spomb and cybershot to test both methods against each other
  4. Was originally looking at the Gardner Skorpion, but the cyber shot looks really cool. Did either of you find that you were in any pain (tendonitis, tennis elbow, etc) after a session (or a few sessions) using traditional throwing sticks?
  5. After having used various brands of catapults for chumming boilies over the past few years, I'm thinking of getting a throwing stick. Was wondering if any of you have tried them, and whether or not you find that they offer accuracy for mid range chumming, about 50-85 yards, or if you have any other comments. Thanks. Phil
  6. Got 2 separate strands of 50 lb power pro as well as 65 lb power pro cut off in the rocks today. First time this has ever happened to my while carping with these lines, been using them for a couple years. The spools were almost new. Any tips on what type of line works better in Zebra mussel covered rocks for big carp?
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