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  1. Well boys didn't mean to fill a seven page discussion but I guesse that's what we got right here. I've belonged to this club http://illinoissmallmouthalliance.net/forums/index.php?act=idx here in Illinois for a long period of time of and on. They have a protected forum as well but allow postings from non paying but registered members, I understand alot of this has to do with poachers and protecting the resource but at what cost, isn't that what a moderator for. I guesse the difference for me is there are no local activitys a guy like me can really participate in, I strictly fly fish so this limits any tournament stuff....... My close friend runs "the steal head site" which is very popular, its also very labor intesive so I understand its no picnic running a forum. Someone somewhere is gonna start a Fly only carp site. Good luck boys I'll check back from time to time, to see if theres a fly only tourney or the fly sections is freed up.
  2. I used to post up on the fly fishing section, now its protected? What gives guys? I'm sure alot of the seasoned anglers on this site know that fly fishing for carp is very popular, it has now become so popular they are holding fly only tounaments. I have one close friend that guides exclusivly for carp season, I fly fish the south end of lake michigan regularly in the early spring. I was also on beaver island and traverse city in michigan this summer, what a place for big carp on a flat. It's ashame the new exciting direction this sport is taking cant be discussed or have ideas shared on such a informative board.
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