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  1. and a little over 5 months later i re-captured this same fish 11-8-11
  2. This one was 26 lb 2 oz caught on 5-29-11
  3. Great thread and pics everybody! I had a great year spending most of my time on the Hudson River. This first fish was my 1 and only 30 lber this year coming in at 30 lb 15 oz For the section of the river i fish, 30 lbers are hard to come by, so this was a special fish for me The next fish is my new pb mirror, 14 lbs. After 3 years of fishing the river, i have only pulled out 4 mirrors. So they are EXTREMELY hard to come by
  4. I can see them, and they are very nice Good stuff
  5. Thanks Andrew, I'm sure your host will put you on some nice fish. The Hudson River Brawlers are a great time and put up a great fight!!
  6. Thanks E, that hat is a memory that will last a lifetime
  7. Nice catch!! They are a lot of fun when they get that size. I spent a whole season fishin' fer them things, then i figured out what those other fish were that kept jumping out of the water lol
  8. Baseball hats are known to LOVE K-1 corn! This particular hat fell for the Juicy Tutti Fruity
  9. Thanks everybody, it was a spring to remember!! Thanks CC, the Hudson is an incredible river with a few monsters mixed in here and there. The great thing about the river is you never know what the next fish (or hat ) is going to be
  10. 6-14-11 Another quick session, 4 hours, 8 carp A pair of 18's And the big fish of the day at 21 lb 1 oz All in all I have had an incredible spring with over a hundred carp coming in about a months time, and my second hudson 30+ Now.... I'm off to look for that 40
  11. and got another little 10 lb mirror that did a great 30 lber impression 6-5-11 Fished 5 hours in the morning, Landed 12 carp on K-1 Juicy Tutti Fruity Corn No monsters again, but i got the chance to try and get some release shots with my underwater camera. Which is not easy when fishing by yourself. I was able to get my new PB baseball hat though....
  12. The pics didn't come out perfect, so i sent them to my buddy Joel and he did a little photoshoppin. Came out pretty sweet 5-29-11 Hoping to get back into some bigger fish i headed back a few days later, and the place was still loaded with fish. Landed 22 fish in 6 hours with the big fish of the day this OBESE pregnant 26 lb 2 oz'er All fish that day were HAULED in on K-1 Juicy Tutti Fruity Corn 5-30-11 Got the holiday off from work and decided.....well, to go fishing..... It was a hot Sun-burny kinda day, temp near 90 and fish still everywhere Landed 31 fish in 10 hours No monsters that day,
  13. 5-24-11 Got done early from work and decided to head over for a few hours Things got pretty crazy, I landed 14 fish in 4 hours. And more than once I had 2 fish hit at the same time Then I finally got what i was looking for, 30 lb 15 oz My second Hudson River 30 lber, a couple kids were walking by and offered to take a couple pics
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