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  1. I'm almost certain that those weirdo carp you're catching are crucian carp a hybrid between carp and goldfish
  2. I've been thinking recently and I want to know if there is any way to know what baits and flavors to use and when. I have been carp fishing for a few years now using strictly canned corn with some mild success from K-1 Pineapple Ice Cream and Fruiti Tutti. I have previously tried homemade boilies with zero success. I'm just wondering if there is a way to tell what flavor of bait to use or if you should use boilies,pellets, or corn in certain conditions. Or is there absolutely no specific way to tell what to use and when. I almost want to connect it to bass fishing for example obviously you wil
  3. Got back from college two weeks ago and finally got settled back at home. Had a week off before work started and I was able to fish 5 out of 7 days. Went to my local swim that I have the fish dialed in. This years a little different since last year they drained 50% of the reservoir and this year they filled it back up. It was nice being able to use my old spots again and get on fish. Only problem is snagging the old root systems left behind by the bushes and other shrubs that overgrew the half drained reservoir. With in those five days I landed 36 fish. I really like this swim but the only "pr
  4. I'm interested. Depends what time of year its in school year I'm in tioga county and summer in Philly
  5. I am going to attempt to get into fishing for carp on the fly. This will be done at a few ponds, creeks, and one larger lake during the spawn when they're in the flats. Anyone have any recommendations on go to flies or flies that you need to have for doing this? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. the things I'd do catch one of those monsters
  7. Yeah this reservoir was drained to around this point. Its a real shame because it used to be a lot larger. In my bottom two pictures the winter of 2011 the water line was at the tree line. So all of those green shrubs and bushes would of been under water. Its a sad thing to see but I'm glad there's still fish to catch. I'm hoping yesterdays and today's storms but a little more water back in. To answer classiccat I am actually from Ambler but I have never fished the Delaware. I will be taking a flathead trip on the Schuylkill either this weekend or early next week. I have been thinking about fi
  8. Well after almost a year of my favorite little carp hole closed I've mastered it again. Even though its been drained to about half the size and the fish in here were never anything huge I'm still having good outings always averaging at least 1 fish. I've only been a serious carp angler for about 5 years now and finally two nights ago I got my first double. I was reeling in one fish my buddy came over to standby with the net and my other rod started to scream drag so it finally happened a double header. We didn't take pictures of the fish since it was late and we were both drenched from them bu
  9. Zetts fish farm they're in central PA they're under the name Israeli Carp. Give them a ring. They're like 5 bucks and whatever shipping is. I was going to get two this summer but due to other projects around my house, a lack of spending money, and being away at school I chose not to get one for my tank. I figured since I'll only be home every two weekends those suckers will destroy my tank and poop everywhere. Last thing I'd want is my European Native tank to get wiped out. But if you do business with them let me know its run by an older couple so they don't do paypal or anything like that jus
  10. Yeah that should be fine for the time being. Usually to keep carp people want anything above 100+gallons. For a few years I keep rotating a few inch carp into my 75 gallon tank and as much as I love them they were a handful. Constantly uprooting my plants and re arranging the tank to how they wanted it and they are poop factories. I'd have to clean my tank twice a week but it was worth it they're awesome fish to keep a lot of personalty.
  11. Went to my local mostly drained resevior and did pretty well. Word on the street was the DNCR took all of the fish there during draining and took them to the private lake across the street I am a member of. It was a site to see bass, carp, perch, crappies being hauled across a street and dumped into another lake. Turns out that was false the dam began to leak after a massive storm and a pipe to drain water accidently was opened and fish were drained into this little spillway and fish were still in it. So I said I'll give it a shot if thats the case and fish still are in there.Managed 6 fish an
  12. I have no issue saying that is one of the nicest mirror carp I have ever laid eyes on.
  13. How big are they? You want to make sure you dont overload the tank. Your ammonia levels will skyrocket and kill your fish I know from expierence. I used to keep carp in fish tanks but they are a pain since they grow so quickly and eat and poop so much causing high amounts of ammonia. When I upgrade my tank to 200 gallon tank I'll start keeping them again. What are you using as a filter for them?
  14. So finally got my first trip in,in a long time. Locally all of my carp spots have had something happen to them where I couldnt fish them. I am a private memeber with a trout lake that is loaded with 20+lb carp. Pulled my Pb 40lber out of there. Now this lake is way back in the early 1900's was man made. There is no bank it is surrounded by a conceret wall so in a sense its a giant swimming pool. Well this year repairs were supposed to be done to the wall since it is collapsing but since we dont own the lake the orphanage property that it is own had to pay well they do not have the money to rep
  15. That may or may not be the greatest thing I've seen on this website. That truck was loaded
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