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  1. drudaddyg

    Saginaw River ?

    fish right below the bridge! if its sunny fish in the shade! carp dont like the bright sunlight!
  2. drudaddyg

    New Carper Here

    so another one comes back to the fold! was the grass greener on the other side or just not very good for your helth?HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHHHHHHEEEEEEHEHEHEH don M welcome back! we missed ya!remmber once your a michigan carper your always a michigan carper! its in your blood! even in your nose!
  3. ill be there but i got to work till 3 should be there around 4pm
  4. cassie loved the pics!!!!!! you are good at it keep it up! had a great time. and lots of fun!great to fish with team michigan again! and i would like to thank everyone who fished the event! it was in flood stage and very strong current! but yet lots and lots of fish were cought!like i always say sagnasty is a fickle B and she has something to teach you! you just have to open up your ears and listen!
  5. hay robbie only real men fish with boilies at this place!
  6. keep up the good work! what size hooks have you been useing? and what size did you switch to?
  7. drudaddyg

    open water

    on friday went out to pre chum for saterday. 2 spots in mind milford pond and lake milford. well lake milford where we fish it is still frozen! and the pond is 1/4 frozen. so i fished the pond today and got a 20pounder and not another bite! i also did not see any bigger carp like there was in the past! but it dont mean they arent there! all my chum from last night was gone! those of you who remmber alex this was his favret swim cause it had alot of fish in the upper 20 class and a big mirrer that went 17 or 18 pounds!
  8. ok its gone now ! never mind!
  9. i just was wondering why i have this new deal under my pic! and i see that i have 0 points. its just that ive never seen this before! so did i do somthing wrong?
  10. i see that ive gotten a warning! but i dont know why or when or by who! did i miss somthing here? can anyone tell me about it?
  11. and yes i will be there of corse! and maybee the first pin will be won with a homemade boilie!
  12. drudaddyg

    K-1 Baits

    learn how to make your own boilies! they will outcatch anything store bought! but the trick is to use them enough to build confedench in them! also try feed corn that you boil and add sent!
  13. ok just got back from andy nikkys fundraiser dinner! it was once again a great time and very good food!lots of good gear was sold off! and the cheese ball was a smash! i like to thank our sponsers who provided bait and gear for our raffle! wcb,cag, and marukyu baits! andy and nikky you know how to do a real shindig! thank you for your time and effort! also thanks to andys brother who fried up the fish!you fry good fish man! andy lets plan that boilie party that we talked about!
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