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    Just had a son born october of 09, so i love spending time with him and my wife when i am not at the water. other than that i just like to be outside , doesn't really matter doing what. also like to play xbox.

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  1. that was a a great start to a year i think neither of is going to forget, cant wait to see what comes out of the water after a start like that, just hope i can catch some of the ones that you don't get, lol.
  2. we might have blanked but i don't think that is becasue we didn't try. still had a good time spending time at the water. has been awhile, that chili that you made hit the spot though.we will get them next time
  3. great job guys , some good looking fish. can't wait till i get back out and can catch some,but might be awile due to family commitments coming up
  4. that was a very nice fish again boss. glad i was there to see another record come out, you are now my new role model,lol. here are some better pics that i have of the fish and also the other fish that was caught don't remeber the weight excatly, 23 something i think.
  5. great job on the pb, even if it is a bad pic there is no such thing as a bad looking 31lb fish. congrats
  6. yea its going to make going back to work after this week very hard, but got to go i guess. hopefully i can get a few more before the end of the week
  7. i don't know but im there with the net when you get ready, lol
  8. it would suprise me if that was a different fish tim, looks identical to me. havn't seen to many out there with a belly shaped like that
  9. went back to the lake again today and caught 3 fish total. first was a 14.11 lb common, a little while later another and with the fight I knew it was a little better. it came in at 22.10 lbs. after sitting and talking about anthing with my brother and danny seemed like nothing else was going to happen. right as i was getting to pack up another run. took about 60 to 75 yards by the time i even got to the rod and after a really good fight landed another 22.7lb common. not a bad day.
  10. went back to the lake today joined by redpeachpackbait and after not catching anything at the fishin yesterday i was able to get a pair of carp today. first one was a 18.4lb common and then a very fat 24.9lb common. don't know where these fish were at yesterday but at least i was able to get something out of there today.
  11. even though i didn't get a fish today still had a great time. congrats to dennis for the biggest catch and to damion for catching his first mirror, very cool looking scale pattern i might add.
  12. i will be there as long as rick is not going to fish, tired of seeing all of his massive fish, lol should be a great day and hopefully some good fish will come out and join us
  13. great job on the catches, more will come and are worth the wait out there
  14. i would rather remember the 20's and forget the 30's, lol
  15. looks like you had a great day of fishing. extremly nice hualin. 3 30's in one day, now that is impressive!!!!
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