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  1. SAIL has expanded their carp section again this year with a number of added goodies. Lots of hook and rig accessories, good selection of corn, pellets and tiger nuts and they carry several bank sticks. They also have a basic Carp Zoom bite alarm for around $25 and a number of swing arms to get you going Was skunked totally Saturday and Sunday. First "get out" of the year and bad luck was everywhere. One secluded shoreline spot was completely underwater with no way to fish. Another area was overrun with dead heads blown in and then spot 3 had nesting cormorants in the trees above and bird
  2. Well done! It has taken a few weeks for things to get back to “normal”. Spot#1 for me is always hit and miss but I seem to have better days fishing the inside ponds. Yesterday I spent 3 hours looking at the nose of the big red ship. Spring has arrived and managed 3 on the mat but all smaller fish. i have noticed a lot more line movements this spring but figure with the small twitches and pulls they must be gobies plan to get back out Sunday hopefully, gonna miss today’s fish in unfortunately
  3. did about 3-4 hours on several spots, kept moving if no signs of life after 30-45 minutes, final sandy beach spot had 2 line bumps and saw one small carp breach. water temps were still in low 40's
  4. Yikes repeat post?
  5. Sitting here watching the ice pellets and driving winds and hoping spring might get here soon. Spent this morning at the grocery store picking up additional ingredients to get some bait ready for spring. For the last few years this boilie recipe has been a very reliable chum as well as hook bait. Share your go to spring bait. Purple fish boilies ( used to be natural colour until the squid craze) 1 cup Seminole flour 1 cup corn meal flour 1/2 cup corn meal bits - basically fine chopped maize ( find at chinese grocery store) 1/2 cup hemp seed or bird seed your choi
  6. Just in from few hours site seeing some carp spots. Looks like they’ve all gone back to hibernating. Not even any ducks around on a couple spring spots. Just 1 big swan. was at dollarama on brant street, just north of lakeshore and they had packs of #4 and #2 black nickel hooks, 10 hooks $2. Bought a pack and boy are these things sharp and I had a hard time trying to roll the point. Gonna tie up some hair rigs and give them a shot and hope for some warmer weather next weekend
  7. Good on ya for getting out, winds kept my interest level at low yesterday so I just drove around and checked out a couple spots. Spot #1 was way to windy/wavy so headed more inland. #2 no parking spots so headed to bulk barn and picked up 12 grain cereal, hemp seed and red lentils to start on my pack bait. also wandered through the new Chinese grocery store at Britannia and Winston Churchill, found bags of hominy (white corn) and a ton more possible bait items to experiment with this year. So many items and flavours to try, if you’re by that area stop in a d wander the aisles. Reels
  8. Nice catch, had a great day myself on Sunday with 6 in the net off a shallow sand shoreline in Hamilton. Pics turned out horrible but I did manage my new pb 35+ inches and took the scale down to 32.4 mussel corn with a wire feeder packed with oats and ground dog kibble A couple other high teens in the mix http://s119.photobucket.com/user/canadafang/media/IMG_0394_zpscvw38skk.jpg.html
  9. Fang

    May 13th

    Hopefully more reports will come with better weather first time out this spring, more mile than I cared to put on but extreme high and cold water every place I stopped. Tried several spring backwater spots around west end of Lake Ontario with no luck. Headed back to Hamilton harbour and found a nice warm shore line but still about 2 ft high and carp cruising in around flooded trees. lots of fish cruising and managed to land 4 fish over 2 hours, nothing special, all on garlic honey homemade corn. Fish very close to shore - 10 to 15 ft and nothing farther out. Float and bottom rig bot
  10. Same for me so far this year. Any spot I've been looking at close to Lake O hasn't really warmed up enough and nothing is moving. Out 3 times and nothing showing in any of my springtime spots. Was gonna try more inland this weekend to see if some of the real shallow flats, slower rivers or ponds have warmed up enough. Have a few spots in mind
  11. With the sun shining all day I figured a little afternoon road trip was needed to see if any carp were moving into the shallows. Hit one early season spot on the big water and not a sign of anything for over an hour. Water is still pretty frigid. Decided to try upriver and hopefully the water temps were rising and drawing in some fish. As soon as I stepped out of the truck I saw a fish rise right up tight to the bank in front of me. Dropped in a small float and one single kernel against the reeds and watched some fish cruise up and down the reeds for about 2 hours with no takers. Dead slo
  12. Spent 3 hours out Sunday morning and boy was it quiet, not even a line bump for the first 2.5 hours 10 minutes before I had to pack up the buzzer goes off Had some very big shoulders and measured 34.25 "
  13. Fang

    New video

    Getting some respect, I gotta try this http://www.in-fisherman.com/tv/sight-fishing-carp
  14. nothing too special to report but things have been slow for me the last 3 weeks trying to find some active fish. have been focusing on some river mouths around Lake Ontario and seeing lots of fish in the shallows cruising but no takers on a number of trips so far. today I abandoned rivers and heading for a sandy shallow beach that has been good to me from end of April to mid May -based on the dates from previous years pictures. Wind was up and made fishing a float very difficult so I made a choice to switch over to a bottom rig. Had the baitrunner rigged up with 10 lb braid and started with so
  15. Nice Going, was in there last night after dinner for a hour testing out the new kit I picked up from Simon last week. I really love my new Roving Sling. Makes packing over to this area so much easier. Similar results - had 3 smaller males in an hour on honey corn topped off with pink pop up maize. Loads of line bumps, had to go completely slack line.
  16. Came across this issue on the magazine rack at my local Canadian Tire and found a great article inside 12 Dependable Carp Flies No mention or reference to this article at all on Fly Tyer web site that I could find though for you to preview Really good read and pics throughout the article. After I finish up my redfish flies for my winter trip I'll start some of these for spring Carp
  17. Found a nice surprise today checking my panasonic vierra tv for updates on the Vierracast wifi There was a new app to load Fishing TV and it definitely UK based but the first channel is strictly the Carp Channel You get a monthly news reel from UK and episodes from wcc diary, compulsive angler and more Says it's also available on Samsung smart tv's too
  18. smaller 4kg bags available at any wild bird feed store. I buy mine at Rens Pet Depot on Trafalgar for a couple bucks a bag.
  19. Fang

    short runs

    I switched over to Sufix fast sink braid on one of my reels and when the wind allows I fish on a semi-slack line AFTER I sink the tip of my rod on the cast and make sure my line is down on bottom. Sure gets exciting when you start to see the line jump around with this set up. A lot of the time I'm on the rod before the buzzer actually goes off Good tip on the backlead I've never thought about that - It would come in handy when the wind is up a bit Can you help me out with a bit more on what type of sinker, spread position and weights. I'm assuming a bit more is required than weighting down a p
  20. Fang

    A first for me

    Been running a bit of bad luck with my normal spots only having lovesick carp in them so I switched up and headed back to some bigger water the few days. On Saturday night I landed a nice small carp about 5 lbs that was extremely dark on a waggler float and honey corn. Sunday evening in a different spot produced a chunky fish that was lost at the bank. Last night I only had about an hour and a half to fish so I didn't bother to take the long walk from the parking lot and set up on a picnic table right beside the water within 50 yards of my truck. Baited the area and tossed out a Pineapple mons
  21. Way to go Lorne, good to see an area producing. I got stuck Sunday and Monday just watching carp all day with lovin' on their mind saw one big mirror cruise by me in 1 ft of water though
  22. Fang

    short runs

    Sounds like carp bumping into the line too me. Happened to me twice today. Waters warming and the mating urge is growing carp are on the move. The area I was fishing creates a high line angle for me from rod tip to bait and unless you have your rod tip down to run your line right on bottom you'll have bumps. I snagged one last week - buzzer went and line was peeling and when the fish came in the hook was embedded on the front fin I've been fishing slack line when the wind will allow it
  23. 3 corn on a hair and I've been using the Mussel flavor lately
  24. It was fun for sure Lorne, That's my spoon chucking rod and I've caught some big salmon off Bronte peir with that rod and reel and that fish would have kicked most of their butts.
  25. Thanks again EVERYONE as I keep learning new things from this site to try myself and work out how to do different techniques. When I started a few years ago I never float fished - just threw the hair rig out with a heavy weight. I think the first thing I learned here was how and when I should peg the weight or leave it free running. On one outing, I was exposed to the deadly float from a fellow Cag member down by the CCIW (I think his name was John and a big thank you to him) I now love to fish the waggler float in shallow water and it has produced some of my better fish in the spring. This af
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