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  1. +1 Couldn't have said it better myself, without being rude
  2. Keep the Windy City Carp Leauge in the Windy city.
  3. Tracys profile says his last activity was on June 22, hope he is ok. Has anyone been in contact with him since round 2?
  4. Yes Tracy that is correct, I am Jacob. Sorry for the confusion, poor wording on my end.
  5. If there are any spots left im in. I have been to a few WCCL events spectating and helping a fellow angler, this will be my first time participating. Cant wait!
  6. Frank, Its clearly not the same fish. Lets not try to take away from Marcin's accomplishment. Exhibit A Exhibit B Clearly there is an irregular pattern in the scales of Marcin's fish, while Paul's fish has nice even patterned scales. There is also a distinct difference in dorsal fin length between both fish.
  7. The CCC was a great event to attend! Even though i did not fish this year I came out to help out Polonia Carp Team and still had a blast. Met alot of people and look forward to many more events and fishing together.
  8. This was my first time out with most of the PCT team and i must say, It was great. Even know i blanked i still learned a lot from the guys who were happy to share tips and provide encouragement, which helps alot when your getting started with carp fishing which can be challenging at first. I look forward to going out for another session soon with the guys and hopefully this time I will have put to use all the knowledge they passed down to me and i just might be posting up pictures of my first nice carp. Thanks alot to Pawel and all the guy for taking a newbie like me under their wings and showing me how its done!
  9. Does the NACA come out monthy? where ca i subscribe to it?
  10. Today was my first time out to a WCCL event and it was pretty awesome even though I didnt fish, I hung out and learned alot and being new to carp fishing I thought the level of acceptance and willingness to share knowledge was fantastic! Good seeing you guys and hope to be out to many more events!
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