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  1. What time are we starting?
  2. I definitely had a ton of fun. I especially liked the 2nd mirror pictured there, it was a pretty feisty fish!
  3. Congrats! I was in the same situation a few months ago, keep at it.
  4. I've been there before. I once flung a sandwich down just as I was starting to eat it because of a run. Sadly the 5-second rule no longer applied and I out of sandwiches Edit: Clarity
  5. No doubts about that. I look forward to meeting you one day soon.
  6. Fish deleted, sorry it took so long, I had to run out for some errands. I accept your apology. I'm glad we could resolve this in a civilized manner.
  7. I'll make sure to do that next time. In this case, the photographer was using my Blackberry and was in a rush to get back to the office since he was lake staff. @ the moderators or the posters themselves: Thank you for removing the posts containing personal attacks against me.
  8. So the answer is "yes", you are calling me a liar. I'll concede that it is a bit of a stretch to conclude the fish's weight accurately based on my picture. As mentioned before, the photographer is pretty much on top of me looking down. If you look, you can actually see both eyes of the fish. What you can't see is the belly hanging down and the overall shape of the fish which was somewhat short and very round. I refuse to get in a pi$$ing contest on these forums. Why even post something in the stories section if someone is going to call you a liar. What happened to the days when people gave others the benefit of the doubt rather than hurl accusations right off the bat. The bottom line is this, the scales were accurate and zeroed to my sling, I have witnesses and I am happy with this. Regardless of what anyone else thinks, I know what I caught and am not a liar.
  9. Are you implying that I'm lying about the weight of my fish? There were witnesses who can verify the weight of the fish. Edit: Clarity
  10. That fish put me up to the #10 spot on the leaderboard with only 3 fish.
  11. Decided to do a bit of fishing after class today and boy was I glad I did. I shattered my old PB of 20.0 lbs today with a 31.2 lb common. The picture isn't really good one due to the angle of the photographer which I didn't realized until AFTER I sent the fish on its merry way. What you can't see is that this carp is shaped like a football.
  12. I suppose it could have possibly been a turtle since I never got a good look at it. It just really felt like a carp taking off when it sees a net. I suppose that I'll never know...
  13. Wanting to try out my new bite alarms that I won at the Cammack fish-in, I decided to hit up the aforementioned lake today to give them a try. There was one line that kept getting pulled out a little bit,not a dropback, making my alarm beep once or twice every 10-15 minutes. About 45 minutes after the last beep, I decided to reel in to re-bait. When I started to reel in, I realized that there was a fish on the other end of the line. It didn't seem to put up much of a fight, so I thought it was just a bunch of grass at first. When I got close to the bank, I saw the line start to swim away sideways and felt the tell-tale jerk of a carp that just realized its about to take a trip out of the water. Unfortunately, it came unhooked and I didn't get a good look at it. Has anyone had anything similar happen to them? I find it really weird that a carp would get hooked and stay put for 45 minutes without moving enough to pull out the line even more. Does anyone have any insight into this?
  14. Those fish were right there all along. Looks like you were fishing the spot where I caught those two at the fish-in.
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